Withnell to Run for Clerk of Court

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This just came in - first official announcement from the Withnell campaign:

Brian J. Withnell filed Sunday to run as a Republican for the Clerk of the Circuit Court for Loudoun County. Withnell, 50, would bring more than 10 years of information technology experience to the office.

Withnell spent a year as director of information technology at Wireless Matrix and 10 years at Cable and Wireless USA where he managed multi-million-record databases. He also supervised electronics testing at Westinghouse Electric. He currently teaches math at Park View High School.

He has been a resident of Leesburg for 16 years.

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I hope he wins this.

csweeney said:

Gary Clemens is a man of integrity and a rising star in the republican party. Gary has been an exceptional public servant and I look forward to another eight years of his fine leadership as Clerk of the Court for Loudoun County.

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