A Field Trip to Planned Parenthood

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Last week, some middle school students went of a school field trip to Planned Parenthood.

I would have no problem with such a trip under one condition: show them the aborted children.

(Warning - graphic may be upsetting)


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jacob said:

Da*n, that is rough.

I guess this is why 'they' hate us.

Ted said:

And for the purpose of full disclosure and showing all the "facts", after they finished visiting PP they undoubtedly took the kids to see a 4-D ultrasound showing what a 12 week fetus, complete with heart, nose, eyes, fingers, and toes, looks like.

Robin said:

Planned Parenthood gives advice about how to prevent pregnancy,disease and provides free or low cost pap tests. Oh that's right, you all are against all that too.

Ted said:

Interesting how thinking that killing unborn children is a bad thing is interpreted to mean that we are for unwanted pregnancies and diesease. Given that we've had about 45 million abortions since 1973 I guess you can say that PP has done a fine job on the preventing pregnancy part of their "services".

But wait, hasn't PP make tens of millions of dollars from doing abortions? I wonder what brings in more money to PP, the abortions or the educationla and other "services" they provide.


Oh, and the last time I checked there are plenty Ob-Gyn doctors who do pap tests, discuss birth control, and take Medicaid patients.

45 million. That fact probably needs to be highlighted more than it has been. It's amazing we have not been hit by an asteroid yet.

Robin said:

We it certainly seems like you are against these thing since you are against places like PP. They have averted 300,000 abortions annually with contraceptive care and averted 631,000 unintended pregnancies. Only 3 percent of their services are about abortion and so I seriously doubt they are making millions off of it.

"averted 631,000 unintended pregnancies"?

By abortion, apparently.

Nothing to brag about if you ask me.

Jack said:

According to their website, 9% of Planned Parenthood health care clients receive abortion services, but only 3% of all Planned Parenthood health services are abortion services. How does that work.

Now, of course, these are their own numbers, and their only citations are their own internal reports. ("Internal" means they will not release them. They say how many abortions and unwanted pregnancies they claim to have prevented. This is obviously a calculated number. (I'm sure they assume that the people to whom they give condoms would have sex even if they could not get condoms, and that they would not take any other precautions. Anything to pad their numbers.) Why don't they say how many abortions they performed? That number is a simple enumeration, not a complex calculation based on unspecified assumptions.

But so what? You want these children to have sex education? Well, what could be more relevant to that education than knowing the natural consequences of sex? What could be more relevant than seeing the consequences of an abortion?

jacob said:

I have looked through the web at articles from the WP and have not found one positive word about Eugene. I guess Stereling is full of homophobic bigots, because the guy keeps getting elected.

Or maybe the Wash. Com-Post is full of it. Classic thought speak if you are for leaving marriage alone, then you are a bigot. The post beats this drum like a wind up monkey under a Christmas tree. For the record my foot.

Robin said:

Fear tactics don't work. The old "kissing leads to pregnancy" didn't work in the '50's either.
The 631,000 unintended pregnancies were averted through contraceptive services not abortion.
Planned Parenthood teaches the consequences of sexual behavior. They aren't stupid enough to insist sex doesn't happen.
The 9 % is the percent of people who sought abortion services. The 3 % is the percentage of all the services they offer.
Planned Parenthood is a valid service. I and my friends used to get our health services there when we were poor college students. Without them, we could not have afforded exams. They have saved millions of women's lives.

Robin said:

Also, if you want the exact numbers, they do have their annual report on there. In case you can't read it. Three percent equals 264,943 abortion procedures overall Planned Parenthood facilities out of 2,399,671 total services. That's the entire United States! Abortion numbers overall will decrease as access to contraception and education increase.

Jack said:

"The 631,000 unintended pregnancies were averted through contraceptive services not abortion."

The 631,000 is a madeup number. Why don't they release their calculations?

BTW, I found their 3% and 9% numbers: http://www.plannedparenthood.org/about-us/who-we-are/pp-services-5552.htm

Again, it's all based on "internal" (unreleased) documents.

"Planned Parenthood teaches the consequences of sexual behavior."

Then they show the aborted babies to the students?

Jack said:

Your article is very amusing. Table 1 is not comparing countries in which abortion is legal to those in which it is not, but is comparing third-world nations to first-world nations.

So let's compare First-World countries to each other. Abortion is illegal in Poland, Portugal, Ireland, and Italy, with very few exceptions. Using UNICEF, Statistical Abstracts of the United States, and other sources,
we come up with the following rates of pregnancy and abortion:

Pregnancies per 100k population:

Poland -- 919
Portugal -- 1097
Ireland -- 1616
Italy -- 1126
United States -- 1850

Abortions per 100k population:

Poland -- 0.45
Portugal -- 6.63
Ireland -- 157.23
Italy -- 213.09
United States -- 450.07

It does not seem that their hypothesis holds up. It looks to me like they pick and choose their data. Hungary? They take one data point, and make conclusions from it. Bogata and Mexico City? Even the data they show don't support their theory. Why did Bogata's rate drop then go up, while Mexico City's went up then dropped? No correlation is evident at all. They don't even provide the numbers, nor do they show a regression analysis or correlation test.

jacob said:

Jack, Robin,
At a glance, the numbers in the US are interesting. it appears that of every 1850 pregnancies, 450 end in abortion, or, 1 in 4 end in abortion. Did I get the math fouled up somewhere?

BTW, what s the rate of maternal mortality in Poland and Portugal?

Dildo said:

Just gotta learn to embrace the concept of abortion. Find the beauty. Maybe you are just scared to admit how rad it really is. Think about it. Its about as abominable as sending a rocket to the moon. Yaddamin?

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