A New Fence Promise! Hey, THANKS!!

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You could not make this stuff up.

You know that fence they promised last year and again, albeit smaller, this year?

Well now the Grand Swindle is supposedly back on track because - brace yourself - the president has now promised ... actual money to pay for the fence!!

Oh yeah, this is rich. And I mean Alice-in-Wonderland rich, 1984-rich.

Not only that, but the money will also pay for ... enforcement of immigration laws!

Which, incidentally, are already on the books, but why quibble over technicalities.

Not only that, but the money which is suddenly needed to do what was supposed to already be getting done will come from ... funds raised by this new legislation. As in, after millions of lawbreakers have received their "probationary" Z-visas and millions of would-be legal immigrants who were dumb enough to get in line after May 1, 2005 are pushed to the back of the line behind all the lawbreakers.

In other words, no time soon. Pretty sweet deal, huh?

We need to recall this entire government.

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Had Enough said:

From what I understand from a credible source, only about 2 miles of fencing (not great fencing, at that) was installed when CHERTOFF HALTED the work.

In Addition, When bush sent the National Guard to the border (in numbers falling far short of promised) They were UNARMED and ORDERED TO RETREAT if they were came upon or were pursued by illegals TO AVOID CONFRONTATION with ILLEGALS.

ALSO, DYNCORP a Virginia Military Contractor is recruiting Border Patrol Agents to go to IRAQ to train them how to seal their borders. Offering $130,000 a year Tax Free with all expenses paid.

Finally, the SECRET SERVICE will be pulling Border Patrol Agents and Airport Secuity to guard the PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATES. Why is this not being taken care of with their campaign funds?

As you can see NO ONE is Concerned with our border security.

bush is offerig PORK and PLENTY of IT for this bill.

All We Ever Needed Was To ENFORCE THE EXISTING IMMIGRATION LAWS that have been ignored by the bush & clinton crime families.

Heard Enough? If not, there is plenty MORE!

The first of the week I will have plenty MORE.

Outspent 10:1 we made an incumbent State Senator go away in Tidewater this Tuesday because he kept cramming Regional government and new taxes for a plan that doesn't actually work down our throats. It can be done to the Congressional delegation - and President if, IF, you can find a candidate who will stand up.

Great job with that, James. We all owe you.

Thanks. You, of course, is plural for the team that Tricia Stall put together - and her leadership in putting her name out there to run.

NoFenceWorld said:

Spending billions on an inevitably permeable fence between the US and Mexico will do nothing to keep out those who want to come. To provide a pair of examples, there are countless illegal immigrants in the US who come from countries that don’t even have land borders with our country, yet they still managed to arrive somehow. Between Europe and the lands of most of its immigrants there are entire oceans, seas and deserts, yet the immigrants still find a way to get there and stay. These examples alone demonstrate how useless a costly fence would be, not to mention any collateral damage nobody has thought of or predicted yet (environmental harm, even further destruction of our country’s image abroad, etc.)

Like the EU has done with its poorer neighbors across land borders, the US should help Mexico improve its economy and political situation (those billions wasted on the fence could be used for example) and make Mexico a nicer place to stay, live and work for its own people (and more pleasant and safe for us to go visit and retire to). It’s really not that hard a task since Mexico is only somewhat ‘poor’ to begin with (it is one of the wealthiest ‘poor’ nations in the world, with an extremely sophisticated economy and billions in revenue from tourism, oil, agriculture, industry and services). If we gave a few billion per year to Mexico but required some results (better infrastructure, less corruption, significant economic and legal reform, a better business environment, etc. etc.), Mexico would slowly start to shine, and we would have a much friendlier neighbor that would be both grateful and indebted to us, since we would be giving them assistance through a positive message instead of forcing them to take from us in the form of illegal work. Once their economy is going well, it will become the magnet for Latin American immigration instead of the US (due to its proximity and the language).

The fence-lovers’ viewpoint is pretty simplistic and based on the old-fashioned “us-or-them” thinking that only one of us can win. We can both win on this one, and I think claiming otherwise is just a cheap way for conservative Republican politicians to attract emotional votes from disgruntled, uncreative or downright racist members of their electorate who really couldn’t care less about Mexicans, even though they are our neighbors and have always been hugely important to us historically and economically. The US is too full of negative energy right now anyway. We need to stop being a country that puts up walls and helps other countries put up walls, and go back to being a country that helps people take them down or climb over them when they are unfair.

jacob said:

While many illegals come from other places other that Latin america, it is estimated that around 115,000 of them came into this country from Mexico just last year. That 115K is a very large portion of the yearly non-Latin inflow of illegals.

In Europe they have for years allowed many to come in as guest workers. In France many of those who are of arabic descent or considered French citizen because they came from Alegeria, Tunisia and Morroco. The British muslims are primarily of Pakistani and Indian descent. In Germany the Turks are the largest Muslim minorty and where invited in as guest workers, and then stayed. none of those situations are comparable to ours in that these groups came over largely via a legal mechanism, and then out-bred their hosts.

Your assertion: "Spending billions on an inevitably permeable fence between the US and Mexico will do nothing to keep out those who want to come" is interesting to say the least. How do you know? Traditionally when countries wanted to keep people out or in they would employ walls. Those walls where very effective in the main.

The Romans, Chinese, Danes, Communists and others employed these edicies to good effect. You speak with such conviction on the uselessness of a such barrier. From whence comes this surety. Are you a fortune teller? For history is not on your side here.

We have walls in some spots along our border, the illegals are now crossing through the desert because of those walls. That means those walls are effective where they have been built.

The idea of the fence is to reduce the rate of illegal crossings. You set up a strawman and say we expect this to eliminate illegal migration. We do not. But reducin it by anywhere between 50 and 90% is a worthy goal.

Furthermore, you appear to know the motivation of conservatives. "just a cheap way for conservative Republican politicians to attract emotional votes from disgruntled, uncreative or downright racist members of their electorate " As someone who wants the fence I fail to see how your vacuous pontification qualifies you to know what motivates others.

Given what you wrote in your comment, you appear think you are mind reader. You do not appear to know history or current events. You disparage those with whome you disagree with. Are you a liberal Democrat?

NoFence, nice thoughts but I suggest you get yourself a history book. Mexico has received billions of aid from the US and all it does it prop up a corrupt, oligarchic political system that will never reform as long as A) the US serves as an economic and social services outlet and B) everyone who is disgruntled LEAVES instead of staying home to fix the system.

Granted, we not only need a fence but also a draconian crackdown on US employers who hire illegal workers and a substantial tax on monies wired to Mexico from illegal workers in the US.

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