Ahlemann Wins!

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The Ahlemann's made major sacrifices to pull this off - and by sacrifices I mean money and time for a family not awash in either, and living for months under a big cloud of uncertainty about the future. To see the sheer exhileration and relief when the big announcement was made was pretty darn touching.

Loudoun County Republican Convention report:

Greg Ahlemann won by what someone overheard was a "huge" margin - though this is third-hand information so I can't vouch for it.

But from the response during the speeches, which was an order of magnitude louder than that for any of the other candidates, it sounds reasonable. The cheer for Ahlemann was a massive roar that caught me by surprise. This was a groundswell, an outpouring - whatever you want to call it - flowing directly from the overflowing reservior of frustration that has been building here, particularly over the illegal alien problem.

Listen to Greg Ahlemann's Convention speech here:

Sheriff Steve Simpson was the most immediate target of resident's ire, and though he probably did not help himself by his responses (or lack thereof) in certain cases, the Sheriff went down a little harder than he really deserved to. But candidates at every step up the hierarchy had better take note. This was just the first shot for 2007 (well, counting Patricia Phillips I guess this was the second) in Loudoun and Virginia as a whole.

In other races:

Geary Higgins beat Robert Bruton.
Mark Albright beat Ben Weber.
Gary Clemens beat Brian Withnell.
Eugene Delgaudio beat George Hidy.

And the biggest shocker of all: Lori Waters beat Jack Ryan.

Because of acclamation (we all agree on a candidate and leave the contest behind) none of the numbers are available (yet) except for Delgaudio beating Hidy 110-22 because of the lack of acclamation.

Don't ask me to explain any of that because I cannot.

Congrats to all the winners. They all deserve our support. The GOP has a strong slate going into the fall campaign.

All in all a pretty well-run affair. There were some hiccups but you have to hand it to the LCRC - it was really fairly smooth excepting a VERY long delay counting the votes. But better late than inaccurate.

(I am going to have some fun at Gary Clemens' expense in an upcoming post which I hope he will also see the humor in.)

The Ahlemann's ran a fantastic campaign. To overcome the odds against such a strong incumbent is hard to conceive of. The amount of support they managed to corral from throughout this really BIG county is amazing.

On a personal note, I almost crashed my car when I got the call that Patricia Phillips had won on May 19. This was right up there.

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suburbanite said:

I heard Jeyanathan participated in acclaim, but Hidy did not. Well, good for Jeyanathan. What's up with Hidy? Also heard Ms. Waters went and hired transport for Leisure World after getting the initial headcount. Congrtulations to all the candidates.

No Relation said:

I have the sudden inexplicable urge to "Eat a Peach."

Crossroads, seem to come and go, the gypsy flies from coast to coast...

Clemens' speech was such an alpha-male presentation that it brought to mind the old Samsonite ads where the gorilla takes on the luggage.

He was all over the stage. Some people clearly responded affirmatively to this almost primal display, with hoots and grunts of their own, but people I questioned about this display were at best bemused, but mostly turned off by it.

One person hit it on the head - he was clearly on the defensive , the impetus for his 'gorilla cage' antics.

Think about this. Despite an expensive and aggressive campaign, Clemens lost 30% of the vote to a complete unknown with no money and no time.

I wonder how much of this was due to the "gorilla factor".

No Relation said:

ah...sweet melissa...

Dean Settle said:

Quitcherbitchen, John.
He incited his grassroots to a frenzy....much to your disliking. The room ignited when he took that stage. I kidded him about his "rockstar" entry later.
On substance....he smacked your allegations out of the ballpark.
They went wild again when he threw the yellow (is that a freudian slip) paper the allegations were printed on to the ground.
And what's wrong with winners?
Losers always want to do better....but Winners go home and #### the prom queen.

Black/Delgaudio fan said:

Withnell had no business running and Grigsby & Co. took on the wrong guy. Why they didn't help Jack Ryan or Bruton or other conservatives is just unbelievable. What a waste of talent and resources.

Dean Settle said:

Who said they didn't help Bruton??

Did Gary Clemens' speech contain something of substance? Honestly, what was it, Dean?

Gary Clemens crumpled and threw to the floor a substantive personal letter written by B.J. Ostergren (a nationally known expert on privacy of online data and two time victim of identity theft) on her experiences with Clemens.

I believe he called her letter "junk". Is that all it took for you to make up your mind?

Next time Gary speaks, I'll be ready with the suitcase. $5 says he won't be able to resist tackling it.

Dean, I am grateful today, and certainly not bitter or angry. Brian was, as RINO critics state, a complete novice to politics, but he was a quick study, and he is above all a man of character and conviction.

Unlike his opponent, he couldn't disappear for a good part of the work day to make calls. Gary Clemens, naturally eager to keep his $130K job, put a whole lot of money into the race, something Brian couldn't do.

Brian did a terrific job, like the five candidates opposing Simpson four years ago, of raising awareness of what has been wrong with management of the Clerk's office here in Loudoun, by Gary Clemens, Clerk of Circuit Court.

That you would think that there was a lack of help for Ryan and Bruton by at least me shows that you don't understand what I was doing. I did get some help from many quarters, and I'll let you know that Bruton and Ryan were candidates that I made every attempt to support. I don't speak for others. I do not know how much support John Grigsby gave to anyone (he did do some things for me, and I'm certainly not going to reject help from nearly anyone) but I fully believe from the way he was talking, that he support Bruton and Ryan. I was fully behind Greg Ahlemann, Bruton, and Ryan.

christopher fedick said:

It is a shame that Sheriff Simpson will run as an independent. He was soundly defeated; pledged that he would support the parties decision and not run as an independent. sheriff, we thank you for you service,it is time to move on.

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