Americans Overwhelmingly Support Immigration Enforcement

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...and a crackdown on employers.

Some highlights from a nationwide poll conducted Monday night:

National Immigration Survey of 1,000 Likely Voters
Conducted June 18, 2007 by Pulse Opinion Research, LLC

2* Roughly 95% of illegal immigration occurs at our southern border. Should securing this border be accomplished before trying to legalize unlawful aliens and before creating a guest worker program, or should they all be attempted at the same time?

62% Before legalization or guest worker programs are begun
27% All should be attempted at the same time
11% Not sure

8* Should employers who repeatedly and knowingly employ illegal aliens be subject to jail time in addition to stiff fines?

65% Yes
28% No
7% Not sure

13* Would you support mandatory, tamper-proof ID cards for all non-citizens seeking to work in the United States?

82% Yes
12% No
6% Not sure

14* If an illegal alien entered the US prior to 2007, should we offer them permanent legal resident status if they pay $5,000, pass a thorough background check and agree they will not be able to become a US citizen?

28% Yes
55% No
17% Not sure

15* If an illegal alien becomes a legal US resident, should their relatives in the home country get preferential treatment if they apply for US residency?

22% Yes
68% No
10% Not sure

Watch out, fat cats.

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Had Enough said:

The only thing that will back up these polls is letters, faxes and phone calls

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