Another Loudoun County Sheriff's Office Vignette

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Following on the incident of a few weeks ago, here is another example of what people in Sterling Park regard as the Sheriff's Office's hands-off approach to illegal aliens and lack of concern for Sterling residents.

A good friend of mine - who lives on a street where if the majority of residents are not illegal aliens, the actual count is probably not much less than half - saw this from her front porch. It happened the Saturday before last, May 26, at 10:30 pm.

She heard a great deal of noise outside and went to her front door to see what it was. Apparently because of a large party down the street, the street was lined with cars and cars were driving very fast up and down the street. Trash and empty beer bottles were strewn on various front yards.

Suddenly a group of about 10 men came running down the street yelling. When they had passed by her house, they dispersed into several front yards, and several of them could be seen urinating in the front and side yards of different houses.

My friend called the Sheriff's Office and reported a large, loud party that had spilled onto the street, rowdy behavior and obvious evidence of drinking and driving and open containers. The representative at the Sheriff's Office told her that deputies were already on the scene.

She then stepped out into her yard and saw that several houses down there were in fact two deputies sitting in their cruisers, with the engines running. She stood and watched for awhile and they never budged from their cars.

As she told me about it, she asked "What the hell are they doing there if they are not going to put a stop to the speeding cars and rowdy behavior?"

I would go one step further and ask: What does this tell us about how the illegal alien community perceives local law enforcement, when the sight of two deputies is no incentive to slow down or drive more cautiously, and when a group of men feel they have sufficient leeway to run right past two Sheriff's deputies and start peeing in the front yards a short distance away??

As our neighborhoods in eastern Loudoun decline, gang activity continues to spread, and more and more areas become "off limits" after dark and to women walking alone, there is a preception that the Sheriff's department has given up on us.

The longtime residents of Sterling Park - the few who still live there - gave up on this Sheriff's department long ago. I have attended numerous public meetings over the past year where frustrated residents of the Park absolutely lambasted representatives of the Sheriff's Office over what has happened in their neighborhoods. But the rest of Sterling and the rest of Loudoun are becoming equally affected by the huge influx of illegals and the hands-off policy of so many of our elected officials.

If you are elderly or a single woman living alone, you can be forgiven for thinking NO ONE is going to look out for your safety. Citizens and illegals alike can be forgiven if their instinctive reaction is "Oh, that's just the Loudoun Sheriff's department, they won't do anything" about the class of crimes which may not be headline material but make an enormous difference in the quality of life in our neighborhoods.

As we watch U.S. senators debate with straight faces an "immigration reform" bill which will grant immediate amnesty to tens of millions of illegals, citizens of this country have to wonder how such a bunch of traitors and ignoramuses have the authority to sell our country down the river. I will tell you how: Because we as citizens and voters have not paid enough attention to who we put in office at every level and we have not held them accountable when they do not act in the public's interest.

One way or another, the perception of the Loudoun Sheriff's Office - by legal residents AND illegal aliens - needs to change.

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zimzo said:

How frightening. Illegal "alens" (as you call them because it's easier to dehumanize them that way) acting just like you did when you were a teenager.

What a drag it must be to turn into a scared, prissy old man.

Jack said:

What's an "alen"?

Had Enough said:

zimzo you give the impression that you are a gay illegal alen

Zimzo is not gay but is, I daresay, a faggot, which explains a lot.

Only a moral wimp would say that a single woman has no right to take offense at the degradation of her own neighborhood.

Apparently misreading my post (as is his habit), Zimzo suggests this woman should shut up about the problems she sees on her street. He calls her "scared" and "prissy" because of what she complained about.

That is pretty low, but we know where it is coming from: A guy who thinks women are not able to evaluate the safety of their own communities.

zimzo said:

I said that you were scared and prissy, Joe.

Calling me a "faggot" says so much more about you than it does about me. It's sad how low you have descended and it brings me no joy at all to see it.

We both grew up in a time and place where our neighbors casually used the word "nigger" the way you casually use the word "faggot," and where they talked about black people the way you talk about Latinos. It made me sick to my stomach to hear such talk then and it makes me sick to my stomach to hear such talk now. I thought we had progressed since that time. Thanks for making me realize that we still have a long way to go.

Had Enough said:

Who is "WE," the blacks, gays, illegals or all?

If you are Black, you are a disappointment to your race. Blacks are being setback a few hundred years by the illegals. They are being displaced in record numbers, they are losing their jobs and homes because employers now prefer illegals over the blacks. Low and middle income blacks and whites are suffering for greed and big business.

Had Enough said:

There is a pervert running around Arlington trying to put plastic bags over womens heads, I guess this is alright with you.

This is only one example of the danger of women even walking home alone.

On the news all you hear anymore is the perp was a "illegal hispanic" with 8 identification cards, 5 drivers licenses all in different names.

In so many cases they have fled over the border only to come back to another area or the same area of the country to commit more crimes.

BlackOut said:


That was Mr. ED's house.

Billy said:

Eugene Delgaudio voted against giving an annual raise to sheriff's deputies this year. So, obviously attracting and retaining motivated law enforcement officers is not a big priority for him. Therefore, I think you should ask your good friend Eugene Delgaudio about his lack of support for cops when you see evidence of and understaffed or unmotivated force in his district.

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