Anti-Illegal Immigration March in DC this Weekend

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The event, March for America, received very little promotion but it is going on June 14-16. More information here.

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Had Enough said:

I have no transportation to DC, but to those of you who do, this is very important.

If you can not go, make phone calls and faxes, hang you flag out, DO something!

Bodies must start showing up at these events and people must stop taking it for granted that everyone else is taking care of the problems.

Unless we fight together all of the time and force them to listen, we will lose.

If you don't mind spending a Trillion Dollars of your Tax Money, trying to find a parking place every day when you get home, being awakened by the bands, drunks and noise in the middle of the night, your children going to over-crowded schools where English is basically the second language, waiting for hours in the crowded emergency rooms, etc. then just ignore it, but don't complain later when your daughter marries one of them.

You sound an important wake up call, H.E., but I have to note I have met plenty of people from south of the border I would not mind my daughter marrying. Some of them understand what is great about America better than some of us do.

If they are truly referring to the U.S. when they say "my country" then I say welcome aboard.

Had Enough said:

I should have elaborated. I had an aquaintance several years ago who dating an illegal from Europe, no one had a clue.

He was caught, told to leave within so many hours or he would be deported and banned from ever coming back.

He left the same night and returned three weeks later with a visitors visa, they got married and soon after she found out that he had serious problems. In addition he only wanted to marry her to stay here.

Another I know of married a illegal from south of the border, she was beaten regularly, then her money, valuables and car were stolen by her new hubby and over the border her things went with him.

There are thousands of illegal men here that have wives and families below the border that are marrying women here without getting divorces. They are just abandoning their families. The wives left behind have no recourse. A number of them have asked for assistance from the US to capture these men and they have not been successful in their efforts to catch these bigamist husbands.

I have a very close friend from South America who has been here legally for years. He has a government job, owns a home and lives a very nice life but he has never made an attempt to become a citizen.

He told me that he was very happy in his homeland but his wife insisted they come here where her family was.

Because the government has allowed dual citizenship against the oath, we have attracted a different class of legal immigrants that have not had to give up anything as the generations past or just have no desire to become a citizen.

Years ago people never looked back and looked forward to and worked hard to become an American Citizen in every way.

Citizenship in this country is not valued as it was and the breakdown and negligence within our government has caused this.

The actions of most (not all)of our lawmakers themselves show that they have all lost touch with what a country is and they are no example of what a citizen should be. They are purely driven by big business and their personal agendas.

There should be a law passed that no bill is passed unless each and everyone of them certifies that they have READ it.

The days of listening to a few speeches from special interest trying to slip it in describing the content of a bill that is packed with pork and other surprises should be stopped.

Also, 19 year olds and the others should be stopped from claiming 11 or 15 exemptions.

Anonymous said:

Had Enough,

May I kindly remind you that your ancestors were once illegal immigrants too...

This country is founded on immigration. WE ARE ALL IMMIGRANTS.

jacob said:

Why were HE's immigrant foreberers illegal?

I think anonymous' forefathers must have been mastodons. They got a really raw deal.

Had Enough said:

anonymous is excreting illegal and pro-illegal propaganda rhetoric.

No one in my family was ever a illegal immigrant, they followed the laws unlike you and those who talk like you.

This country was built by legal immigrants.

This country is Not founded on immigration.

We are NOT immigrants, our ancestors were immigrants.

Illegals have a hard time with the history of this country because they prefer to write it their way to suit themselves and not by what the books have documented over the last few hundred years

dan whittman said:

Dear Joe and Friends:

Governor Schwartzengruber and many of the business community here in Nevada county are very pro-illegal immigration. Check out the cover story in the Grass Valley Union newspaper on 06/21/07 about an El Salvadorian woman who was stabbed 17 times in a pulic restaurant in town. The perp was her live-in boyfriend who had already been convicted of stabbing his former wife in the face and then deported only to reenter the U.S. illegally as another one of president Bush's "godly people". Since there may be a sizable community here from El Salvador, it is likely that the drug gang MS-13 is active and threatening the lives and security of our school children and citizens.
Please oppose this amnesty bill that our corrupt White House and Congress, along with our governors, mayors, businesses and legislators so much want in order to get more votes and cheap labor for themselves.
Thank You.

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