Border War Flares Up

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Why does our government put up with this? It's time for the Army to take up the defense of our borders.

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Where are the Eco-Warriors to piss and moan about it? Did they Sell out!

Maybe we should label those forests, 'old growth', and spot a toad, owl, or maybe a single celled organism there...

I would think that having the federal government involved in this and out of areas the constitution does not say they have authority in would be a good use of federal funds.

To my way of thinking, there are things going on here. First is that Mexico is not stopping the influx of illegals. We ought to insist they do. Second, because these people are an invading foreign power, we should put all effort in stopping them (including deadly force); third, just because they run back into Mexico, that does not mean we should stop pursuing them. If Mexico cannot stop them, we should. If they are attacking our federal agents in order to subvert the law, that at least should be grounds to view the boarder as no boundary to us pursuing the enemy.

The border has been militarized by the U.S. before, throughout the first two decades of the last century. We could shut it down in a fortnight if we wanted to.

jacob said:

Shutting down the border is the answer. However, today is tougher than it was back at the beginning of the last century. Someone going across back then had to contend with a far less populated landscape. That made crossing tougher, not easier.

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