Congrats to Loudoun County Republican Committee

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Since I have not seen anyone else do this yet, here goes: Congratulations to the Loudoun County Republican Committee for putting on a fantastic convention this past Saturday. It did not run as quickly as some might have hoped, but it ran well and there were not many controversies after the votes.

Paul Protic, Suzanne Volpe, Mark Sell, Eve Barner and whoever else was involved at a management level deserve everyone's thanks for a job well done.

There are a number of quasi-prominent people on the Web who have made something of a cottage industry of obsessing about the purportedly ominous machinations of the LCRC.This extremely well managed convention should quiet them. But it won't.

Anyway, thanks to everyone who worked so hard to put it on. It was no small feat. Just managing the number of people would be one thing, but there seemed to be a large number of non-political newbies in attendance and they (and their kids in many cases) had to be treated somewhat gingerly and herded around relatively gently compared to the hard-edged politicos, and for the most part everyone seemed content with the way it all worked.

I understand there was some frustration with the way the voting was conducted and how long it took, but I believe any "lost votes" from delegates having to leave early would have cut both ways - and although I was planning to write a very snarky post on the matter I now understand that it was a question of erring on the side of accuracy which, after all, is sort of key.

Great work, LCRC. Thank you!

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BlackOut said:

And a great big "shout-out" to the RPV for putting enough pressure, visible and otherwise, on the LCRC to keep the shannigans down.

Big Al said:

I second that Joe. I remember the March or April LCRC meeting and the naysayers were predicting the end of the world with this convention.

It's just too bad that there's some sore losers who have betrayed the GOP by now running as an Independent.

Hopefully the Resolution that we passed in calling for Party Registration comes to fruition in the legislature next year so we don't have to do these 7 hour conventions anymore.

jacob said:

Paul Protic really has his act together.

That's for sure, Al. It seems everyone wants registration except some of those in office.

Jack said:

I do not want Party Registration in Virginia. If there is only a Democratic primary in my district, I want to be able to vote in that primary. If someone is in a district that is dominated by one party or another, he has no input into who his representative is except in the primary.

I guess I see your point but there are still a lot of good reasons to have party registration from the standpoint of those active in BOTH parties. It makes selecting candidates much simpler and less expensive (for the party).

But you bring up a valid question that I've not heard addressed before.

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