Defunding the RNC

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As I've been saying, the place to strike back at the Republican Party is where it hurts: their bank account.

Hot Air has some excellent advice along these lines - ask for a refund:

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zimzo said:

Joe, I'm waiting for your impassioned defense of Ann Coulter shrugging off making jokes about the death of Elizabeth Edwards' son when Edwards called her on it on Hardball. I know you want to stand steadfastly behind the principle of mocking people's dead children. I bet you have a few jokes of your own about Edwards' dead son and we're all dying to hear them.

Jack said:

And zimzo wanders off into irrelevancy again.

Ted said:

Exact quote please on what Coulter said.

Not a paraphrase, the exact quote.

Zimzo should know by now that I don't play the "please respond to" game, especially with him.

zimzo said:

I wasn't asking you to respond, Joe. I was just noting your silence, which is itself very telling.

Ted, here's the transcript and video of Coulter's appearance on Hardball yesterday:

And here's the column where she mocked the death of the Edwards' son:

And here is one of Joe's more embarrasising quotes:

"Defending Ann Coulter is not a joke because as I've made clear I think Ann Coulter is wonderful and ends up catching flack she does not deserve."

You should be more cautious about posting links here, Zimzo.

Because someone may follow them and actually read them, and discover they do not at all support the point you are trying to make.

Or maybe you accidentally pasted the wrong links? If so, please take another shot at it.

zimzo said:

Yeah that might read them and see that they do indeed support what I said instead of accepting your word for it that they don't.

Ted said:

Per Coulter's column from 2003:

John Edwards injects his son's fatal car accident into his campaign by demanding that everyone notice how he refuses to inject his son's fatal car accident into his campaign.

Edwards has talked about his son's death in a 1996 car accident on "Good Morning America," in dozens of profiles and in his new book. ("It was and is the most important fact of my life.") His 1998 Senate campaign ads featured film footage of Edwards at a learning lab he founded in honor of his son, titled "The Wade Edwards Learning Lab." He wears his son's Outward Bound pin on his suit lapel. He was going to wear it on his sleeve, until someone suggested that might be a little too "on the nose."

If you want points for not using your son's death politically, don't you have to take down all those "Ask me about my son's death in a horrific car accident" bumper stickers?

COMMENT: Now then, if it is true (and I don't know if it is or not) that Edwards said he would not use his son's death in his political campaigns (what decent person would?), you can't complain about him being called on doing actually that.

That's not to say the Coulter isn't stupid and crass some, if not most of the time, but if you're going to put yourself out there as a candidate you gotta expect the mud to fly.

Personally I would like to see the Bush is Hitler, Hillary is the anti-Christ, and American soldiers are as bad as Nazis and KGB thugs type remarks to go away, but this is the political culture we have to live in.

zimzo said:

Yes, it's the culture we live in because of people like Coulter and her enablers like Joe.

Jack said:

Typical liberal -- it's always someone else's fault, never theirs.

Big Al said:

Defunding the RNC will insure the DNC has a huge financial advantage going into '08 that will elect a Democratic President and larger Democratic majorities in Congress. With Hillary as President with a liberal mandate, she'll gut the current legisation: we'll true amnesty (no fine, no line), no touchback, minimal enforcement, no assimilation provisions, etc. Punishing the RNC for reasonable differences is not the solution.

Big Al, I made the same point throughout the last election cycle, so I know where you are coming from.

We're at a new stage now because our elected officials are acting treasonously.

We already have a political party intent on ruining the country. We don't need a second one. If our Republican senators do not stop this horrendous legislation while they have the chance, the GOP needs to be burned down and then possibly it can be rebuilt or replaced.

By the way, follow Zimzo's links everyone, to read about Ann's "jokes about the death of Elizabeth Edwards' son".

That's our Zimzo!

zimzo said:

Poor Joe. You're so blinded by your lust for Ann Coulter that you think everyone will read what she has written and see it as you do instead of being appalled by her crassness.

And good luck, by the way, with burning down the GOP.

Poor, poor Zimzo. Read Zimzo's articles, friends.

Scroll up to 3:47 pm to find them. Compare the content to his post.

That's our Zimzo!

Jack said:

That's why we love him so -- he's just so much FUN!

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