Eugene Delgaudio at LCRC Convention

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Here is the video of Eugene's speech yesterday - posted pretty quickly, I must say. It provides a good window into why he is so popular in the local community.

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Dean Settle said:

What a turd.
East/west division is so over. He's got problems with over-taxed residents in his own district because of his no-developer-left-behind status.

suburbanite said:

Mr. Settle, there will probably always be east/west division in Loudoun and guess what? It is primarily fostered by people like you. Throughout the convention process you have been all over the internet campaigning everywhere BUT your own district. You are agressively patronizing and crassly rude toward anyone who disagrees with you and your megalomaniacal opinions on how Loudoun County should be run. Your candidate in Broad Run won, so be happy, and give it a rest for a while! Sterling is going to have its own opinions about all things Sterling, that's fine, and really none of your business if you can't vote there. I can imagine your testosterone rants if someone like Eugene came up to Catoctin and started telling people what to think! Take it easy. You have become the new Valerie Kelly and it is anything but attractive.

Suburbanite is right, Dean.

You likened your candidate Gary Clemens' victory to a prom king !@#$#ing the prom queen, and saw scatalogical symbolism in the color choice for the paper that B.J Ostergren's letter was printed on, and all in one post. In the post above, you again reach into the commode for your word choice.

Give it a rest, Dean!

Huh? said:

Well, Dean, if that's right please explain why only 22 people showed up to support George Hidy -- four of which live in the Hidy home.

That leaves just 18 people. I think Delgaudio had more volunteers there than Hidy had voters that aren't listed on his tax return.

Your theory also doesn't wash when he's been the ONLY supervisor to propose spending cuts that would actually reduce tax bills.

AFF said:

You Tube will ultimately be the end of Eugene.

Dean's right on all counts by the way-

-The guy is a freak.

-Dividing our county is unproductive

-Eugene's growth policies have raised taxes on the working class while lining the pockets of Wall Street Corps

suburbanite said:

Dean is not right. Dividing the county is NOT productive, so he needs to clean up his act every bit as much as the people he complains about. He comes across as arrogant, angry and unbalanced. Add in the annoyance factor for people who get talked down to in areas where he can't even vote, and what purpose does he serve but to divide? You know the old bromide about trying to catch flies with either honey or vinegar? Dean takes a third way: he serves up the stuff that does attract flies, but all they do after eating it is spread disease. Enough already.

Dean Settle said:

You and your kind are so damned myopic, that you fail to understand that Eugene's poor decision-making HAS affected my District, you dork. (Is that talking down low enough, or should I polish it more?)
If you don't have the brains to comprehend that there are actually nine supervisors whose decisions affect my district, then you are truly too slow to grasp my support for my supervisor out here. I now am moving on to a role in helping Geary Higgins get elected, as I have had a great opportunity to get to know the guy on Saturday while we waited for the results.
There are supervisors in those offices that represent EVERYBODY, as they should. They are County Supervisors as well as District Supervisors, and they need to be sharp enough to look at the big picture. Delguadio is a sharp departure from that effort in that his newsletter reads like fiction most of the time, and a nail-biter at other times...
"the liberals are coming....the liberals are coming!!!!"

suburbanite said:

Dean, you are your own worst enemy. In the process you are also an enemy to your rural neighbors. There are plenty of people in Blue Ridge and Catoctin with manners, a healthy ego (as opposed to severe mental/emotional issues), and a grasp of reality in representative government, which you and your little band of brothers sorely lack.

It is pitiful that you only got to know your Republican candidate for Supervisor the day of the convention!

Your bloviating might have some merit if all nine of our representatives were elected at large. As it stands, each district elects a representative to present their interests as a member of a council. Sterling, Potomac etc aren't answerable to you! If they were, you'd be able to vote for them.

As the western area has become outrepresented by the suburban portion of the county, it has become fashionable in some small angry circles to pretend that everyone is elected at large. That would be a fine concept in spirit in a grownup world, where each representative comes to the table presenting their own district's concerns in crafting a solution for the county as a whole.

In practice it ends up as a ranting "all for one" demand by raging swelled heads like you, with no commensurate "and one for all" to acknowledge any equality or balance.

Please do keep it up. But you aren't doing your rational rural neighbors any favors.

Robin said:

Has anyone actually seen his district? It didn't look that good to me. Perhaps it's because Eugene is out marrying people to donkeys instead of working on bettering his area. Please let me know where I can help his opponent get elected.

That's 100% wrong. As any resident of Sterling knows, what we need are 4 more Supervisors who will take the problems in Sterling seriously enough to support Eugene's push for stronger zoning enforcement and other measures designed to offset neighborhood blight.

Luckily, some others do seem to be taking notice - or more likely seeing the problems creeping into their own districts and neighborhoods - and have given signals they are now prepared to follow Eugene's lead. The last thing we need is to lose our best voice on the board, and those of us who live here will be working hard to make sure that does not happen.

jacob said:

Your comment regarding people marrying jack-asses is even more ridiculous than the marriage ceremony. The sad thing is I am not sure you know it. Eugene has been the ONLY council member to take the issues of zoning and immigration seriously.

The state of affairs in Sterling Park are the result of the Sherriff turning a blind eye to the problems in this part of the county. Trucks parked on the street, 10-20 unrelated adult males sharing a house, and urinating on the front lawn has done wonders for the property values in Sterling Park, the quality of life has suffered as well.

Dean Settle said:

I see 'ol suburbanite is losing the argument so they need to spice up the rhetoric.
I have no mental issues, pal. When you've done as well as I have, you'll understand that it's keen wit and better timing.
I worked with both of my candidates for the better part of a year, there, sport. I signed on with Robert Bruton sometime back after knowing him for as long as he'd been a member of the LCRC.
When he lost honorably to Geary Higgins on Saturday, I now pledge to help elect Geary to the Catoctin District and will fully embrace working to that end. I simply stated that I got to know Geary and his wife a lot better while we chatted awaiting the votes to tally.
Only someone at the end of his rope has to twist words and read over anything that disproves their point to attempt a snotty counterpoint.
Your paragraphs were a wealth of insight to your rather poor self-esteem and your grasp of the issues.

suburbanite said:

You are projecting again, Dean. In addition, you continue to display the arrogance you confuse with "wit".

Be as crude and rude as you wish, but telling people how they should feel about your ugly behavior is every bit as delusional as telling them how to vote in other districts.

If you are omniscient and everybody (but idiots) agrees with you and the other malcontents at the fake Republican blog Too Conservative, how come Delgaudio won? And Snow?

Didn't you have it all in the bag from your connections with the Fed, who posted you personally at the convention with your Secret Squirrel decoder ring to call in the cavalry if you saw anything that personally offended you?

As I said, keep it up. But the arrogance and ugliness played really well in 2003, didn't it? It does the average people of the rural area no good for angry cartoonish blowhards to appoint themselves the spokespeople for an entire region. And most people in other districts end up saying "Who is that nut?"

You want Republicans elected? Or are you in charge of who is a real Republican?

Funny, I thought that was your main problem with the people you opposed at the convention.

Dean Settle said:

Delgaudio and Snow win in a "canned environment" and somehow that tells you that they will be popular in the general? You are delusional on the Kool-Aid, there , Barney (fife)..
I didn't have to burn the favors this time....I may need them later. Let's just say that if you are the big fish in your fishbowl, it is the size of a marble in the corner of my fishbowl. I worked in DC, in and out of the Congress, Congressmen's homes ....and attended Black-ties for 20-some years there. I know somebody in almost all capacities up there. There are still 10 Congressmen out of the original 23 that I've done work for on the Hill right now.And I know where the bodies are buried.
I have had ties with a number of Justice Department employees for that 20 some years as well. I dated a Special Prosecutor for a number of years. Many of those I knew back then have moved into leadership positions in the end of their careers.ALL I EVER WANTED was a FAIR PROCESS, and it worked. Ryan and Simpson are now exhibiting that they are spoiled children, because they will now ignore the "right thing to do" regarding their pledges.

Listen, this is all fun and everything, but I have to stop. I support anonimity in general and opinion based issues on Blog sites. But when you personally attack me (because I HAVE the balls to put my name on it, where you don't) I call you a spineless coward who's opinion doesn't really impress me at all.
Sign your personal attacks, or shut up.
If you knew me at the Convention, maybe you should have expressed this garbage to my face. Then we'd have gotten to see howq well that went over.

suburbanite said:

Predictable, Dean.

If Delgaudio and Snow's victories are meaningless because of a "canned environment", then why was Mrs. Waters' victory in a venue you consider bogus crucial enough for her Catoctin Green Elephant and Marse Jim from The Plains to get the process reopened for her? You can't have it both ways, chum. Was it a legitimate fair process, or staged?

If all you cared about was a "fair" process (for Waters), why would "burning favors" be necessary? Smacks of insider dealing, then buttressed by your laundry list of important ties.

There is nothing new here. You are a great big man, with important friends who will "get" anybody who disagrees with you. But why would an A-list guy like you go to such trouble if we are all such worthless ants?

I don't see how I personally attacked you. I have pointed out your double standards and your raging rhetoric. Again, you predictably fail to disappoint in your repetitive response.

You read like you are in permanent audition for the Jack Nicholson role in "A Few Good Men", and it remains unattractive.

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