Eugene Delgaudio for Sterling Supervisor

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I am supporting Eugene Delgaudio for Sterling District Supervisor because he works extremely hard for the citizens of Sterling and is the only Supervisor to initiate any public policies to address the negative effects of the growing illegal alien population in our area. He has been a huge asset to our community.


Sterling Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio with Herndon Mayor Steve DeBenedittis.

Supervisor Delgaudio literally works all hours for the residents. He has given his personal phone number and e-mail to pretty much the entire community. During snowstorms he rides around looking for areas the plows are most needed. During the gas leaks he was out late that night and sending e-mail updates until after midnight. When the state planned to leave the new Sterling Boulevard/Route 28 overpass closed for weeks if not months, Mr. Delgaudio was getting the message out to the press and citizens about how much time we were all wasting sitting through the traffic lights. He kept up the pressure until the new intersection was opened. He coordinates all sorts of volunteer projects throughout the year and has raised large sums of money for programs to benefit the community.


He led the Loudoun County side of the opposition to the Herndon Day Labor Center and publicly supported the candidates for town council and mayor who eventually swept most of the previous town government out of office. Supervisor Delgaudio has been a strong supporter of Help Save Herndon and Help Save Loudoun.

On the Board, he authored the overcrowding ordinance which reduced the number of people allowed to live in a home from ridiculous to merely surprisingly high levels - more work is needed here but legislation needs to be passed in Richmond to allow local jurisdictions to do more. He was pushing the Sheriff to pursue the ICE 287g training when all of the other Supervisors were still silent on the issue. As it stands, he is only one of nine so it has been a challenge to get the rest of the Board's attention about the illegal alien problem - although this seems to be changing in a big way in recent months.

To address the crisis caused by the negative effects of the influx of illegal aliens into Loudoun County, we need Eugene Delgaudio on the Board of Supervisors - and we need several other Board members to step up and take notice.

Some people have an issue with Eugene's personality, his tendency to joke around regarding issues which are supposedly too serious to kid about.

Personally, I think much of what our government does - at all levels - is so ridiculous the only attitude one SHOULD have to much of it is an attitude of irony. When the entreprise itself is insane, the guy laughing may be the only one who sees the truth.

When he sends out a pseudo-serious press release about a family of ducks saved from certain death at the local shopping plaza, I frankly welcome it.

And I think the vast majority of Sterling residents enjoy him as well.

I am voting for Eugene Delgaudio at the Convention because he is the best advocate the citizens of Sterling have to represent their interests at the county level. He has proven himself serious about addressing illegal immigration: We have a lot more to do, but Supervisor Delgaudio has gotten the job started even when he was the only one toiling away.

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zimzo said:

Lest anyone reading this blog not know who Eugene DelGaudio is. let me set the record straight. He is probably Virginia's most embarrassing politician now that George Allen is gone. Here are some excerpts from a fundraising letter he wrote that got some national attention for its weirdness and hatefulness:

"Eugene Delgaudio
Public Advocate of the U.S.
5613 Leesburg Pike, Suite 17
Falls Church, VA 22041
(703) 845-1808
April 11, 2005

Dear fellow conservative,

Tonight, after a long day of fighting the Radical Homosexuals, I just feel exhausted.

Beaten down, wrung out, and worn to the bone.

This has been a most difficult year.

The radical Homosexual Lobby is more intimidating than ever.


Once again I wonder if Shiela and the children should be here. Once before I had to send my family away to a safe house.
I'll never forget that time. And what does it say about a ruthless adversary that would attack my family rather than face me?

My friend, without your support during this time I'm not sure that I will be able to manage things.

Never have the Radical Homosexuals and their allies been so vicious, so powerful, and so well financed.


They have been strolling through the Halls of Congress handing out campaign "contributions" like sweet candy, and even some conservative Congressmen have taken the bait.

In fact, one so-called "Republican," Congressman Jim Kolbe of Arizona has confessed that he is a practicing Homosexual!

And ever since he admitted his perversion, campaign money has poured into his office.


Now as you know, we have never had the financial resources of the Radical Homosexuals.

We don't have the limousines, the plush offices, tens of millions from the Hollywood elite or the tax dollars that they have at their disposal.


The Radical Homosexuals are boasting that they are in the driver's seat, that no one can stop them, and that the Thought Control Bill is going to be the law of the land and they swear they'll pass the Gay Bill of Special Rights.

And they brag the Federal Marriage Amendment is going nowhere in Congress.

I have devoted everything in this battle and at times risked my life. And my family has made many great sacrifices too.

You have trusted me, sacrificed to keep our work going and I will never forget what you have done.

And now, our destiny awaits us. This is our time to stand tall.

Join me, and we will make history.

Your friend,

Eugene Delgaudio

Seriously, Joe. I know you're not an idiot. I know you don't hate gay people, although you see no problem with calling someone a "faggot." How can you take a clown like this seriously? How could you vote for someone so dangerously demented?

Jack said:

Zimzo -- do you have some other corroboration for this letter? DailyKos is hardly famous for either non-partizanship or truthfulness.

zimzo said:

You are hardly famous for your non-partisanship or truthfulness either, Jack. Do your own research.

Jack said:

Really? Have you ever caught me in a lie, as I have you?

Anyway, I will take that as a "No."

Heh, Zimzo, you are being paid by Eugene's campaign, I bet. He absolutely thrives on these wonderful reports, having the exact same approach to liberalism and its epithets as I have: He embraces the charges.

By the way, he won 110-22.

Thank you.

Michael Schnittker said:

I was a delegate at today's Loudoun County Republican Convention from Sterling District and I voted for Eugene. Eugene has been active in politics since he was literally 14 years old, in the late 60's in New York City. He does what he does and acts the way he acts for a purpose. He is a real conservative, he believes in small government and small government budgets. He works his rear off and gets something like $25k/year from the County for his trouble. He has fought every year he has been our supervisor to keep my taxes as low as possible (I have lived in Loudoun County since 1998 and paid over $5000 last year in property taxes to the County - I am a retired federal government employee so not rich by any means). The rest of the board look at what they think the County needs in the way of money and then adjusts the rate accordingly - Eugene works the other way around, he tries to fit County spending to a fixed budget (i.e. last year's budget or less) and if there is no money for something then it just doesn't get spent - just like we all do in our personal lives - I have no way to adjust my income each year to buy a new car. The County School Board travels using County dollars to Spain, the Phillipines and Hawaii, supposedly looking for teachers for County schools istead of in the County or in Virginia - during my federal career those trips were called booddoggles and in the real world wasting that money like that is theft. The County has paid to construct elaborate horse parks in the western part of the County instead of hiring more police. The Board loves to spend money - Eugene does not. That's why I support him. As to his views on homosexuals, the liberal movement is not content to simply ensure homosexuals are not discriminated against (which has been law for many years now). They want complete social acceptance of homosexuality and are using lots of money, propaganda and coercion of politicians to make that happen. Eugene is simply helping us see what is really happening. If he believes homosexual behavior is socially perverted then that is an opinion which in the USA he has a right to have. He cannot discriminate against a person for their sexual preference, that is agains t at least federal law, but there is no law against believing their lifestyle is socially deviant (in addition to being very unhealthy, at least for males, even before AIDS, ask any doctor, their frequent contact with feces through anal and oral anal sex and subsequent exposure to such diseases as hepatitis is why you never see truly aged homosexual males - their livers fail by their 60's). Do you ever hear liberals talk about homosexual's frequent exposure to feces being a major health risk? No, you hear about partners not being able to visit their partners in hospital because they have are not legal spouses - all untrue or at least easily remedied by any lawyer in about ten minutes. Liberals want to FORCE everyone to think the way they do. I am a conservative and the last thing I want to do is force others to think as I do - if I can't convince others I'm right I need better arguements and/or better ideas. If liberals want to take the short cut and make laws controlling our opinions or what we think in our heads then they need to read the Constitution and start lobbying for amendments to same, assuming of course they wish to follow the law they claim to respect so much, which I doubt - liberals are lazy, I know, I used to be one. Peace.

Anonymous said:

Mr. Schnittker:

Regarding the law, you are incorrect. Sexual orientation is not covered by the Civil Rights Act of 1968 on the federal level and there is no state statute forbidding discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation.

Most likely you’re confusing President Clinton’s executive orders forbidding the Executive Branch from using sexual orientation in personnel decisions (hiring/ firing/ promotions/etc.) and granting of security clearances. Also, the Bush Administration took no action to reverse these executive orders.

While these orders have the force of law within the Executive Branch, they are not law. It is perfectly legal for one to experience discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation in the private sector.

There have been several studies that link violent behavior to genetics, and in particular to specific genes.
(c.f. That we continue to have laws against violent crime is because it does not matter what a person's tendency might be, they are still responsible for the actions they choose.
While I understand there may be a genetic predisposition to homosexuality, it does not mean that one "is" homosexual like one is a particular race. Being a homosexual is choosing to engage in homosexual activity. In a sense, it is no different than choosing to be an adulterous spouse. There may be a genetic disposition to being "over sexed" and therefore to be unfaithful in marriage, but that does not excuse the behavior. Homosexuality may have genetic predisposition, but if that is what allows people special protection under the law, then we should grant special protection under law to those that are violent. If we find that serial murderers have a specific genetic coding, does that make serial murderers eligible for special protection?

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