I have counted 40 NO Votes!!

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Updated -- Voinovich voted NO!!

Updated -- Final Tally: 46 YEAH, 53 NAY!!!

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Fantastic - thanks for following this and the quick notice, Jack. Now can we finally stick a (pitch) fork in this crazy, misguided piece of legislation and move on, and make an effort to regain our national sanity.

Ted said:

So was this another cloture vote or what?

Ted said:

Well, I guess we know what the big issue in 2008 is going to be.

Those senators who voted "Yea" are total nutjobs. That right there is going to be one of the WORST things a person could have on their resume. All 46 of them should go down in flames.

jacob said:

Get real. The dems who voted yes won't be touched. However, the Republicans who voted yes need to be hounded to their political graves. This can be done in the primaries.

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