Islam vs Islamists On Fox Tonight

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[UPDATE: I just saw the ad on FNC and it appears the show tonight might be telling the same story as Islam vs Islamists but not play the same film. In any event, the story of this individuals is very compelling so I strongly recommend watching it.]

Free Republic has a notice that the documentary I wrote about in April, Islam vs Islamists, is going to air on Fox News Channel tonight at 9:00 pm. (There is some controversy because it was supposed to air last night, and so far it is not showing up on the Comcast guide.)

I highly recommend everyone watch this short film. It got pulled from PBS under questionable circumstances with the hint of pressure from Islamist advocacy groups.

There is only one possible, practical answer to the biggest problem of our age, and that is reform within Islam. This documentary tells the story of a few very brave individuals who are attempting to accomplish such reform. Don't miss it.

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ragtopcaddy said:

What ever became of this show? I tivo'd it and it turned out to be Geraldo going on and on about the missing mom case. Please, call me when you have some news (and don't stretch 2 minutes worth of news to fill an hour!). In the meantime, show this film that has tremendous, historical implications for our nation, our progeny and the world! (If I got the date or time wrong, I'm going to be very embarrassed ;-) )

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