Just Sent the Following to Warner

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What the hell is wrong with you? Why? Why would you vote to let this travesty of a bill go forward? Do you really think you're going to get away with the Kerry-esque, "I voted against it -- after I voted for it"?

Are you so in the pockets of the Mexican lobby that you will so ignore your constituents?

You're pro-illegal immigration, pro-abortion, and pro-gun control. Why don't you stop lying to the people of Virginia and switch to the Democrat Party?

In the words of one more famous than you: "Yes, you're despicable, and... and picable... and... and you're definitely, definitely despicable. How a person can get so despicable in one lifetime is beyond me. It isn't as though I haven't met a lot of people. Goodness knows it isn't that. It isn't just that... it isn't... it's... it's despicable." -Daffy Duck, Rabbit Fire (1951)

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jacob said:

you are being silly. as the senator is being evil

Had Enough said:

Talk Radio! Thank you trent lott for bringing Talk Radio to my attention.

I had never paid any attention to it until he said "Talk radio is running America. We have to deal with that problem."

I was glad to finally hear that something was running America, because the suits on the hill sure aren't.

What's he going to do, cut off the air waves? Is he going to try and take away more of our rights? Is he going to lock us up for listening? Will we be disappearing in the middle of the night?

I have decided to send all money that I would have sent to my party to Talk Radio where I have found millions of Citizens that have the same concerns as I do about the terminal state of our country.

Talk Radio tells the truth and news that our abc stations refuse to do.

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