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Got the following in an email, I think it sums things up pretty well

Ever wonder what would happen if someone threw a Presidential Election and no one came??

Keep on pushing this misguided "Immigration Reform Bill" and you're going to keep pushing people like myself to give up on the Republican Party, which I've been a strong supporter of since 1980.

People like me who see many problems with the bill in its original form, in its present form and would prefer that a problem this size be addressed step by step vs trying to address every angle in one bill. We want the step by step approach to be applied so that the best of the best ideas can be considered, the Federal Gov't can demonstrate that it can handle the task, more debate can take place, so if maybe a loophole was discovered in one bill, it can be addressed in the next step/bill and the bill isn't so filled with loopholes that it become a raging success like the 1986 immigration bill has become.

Please relay to President Bush, John McCain, Lindsay Graham and those of their ilk, I'm not a nativist, bigot, racist, xenophobe and I don't appreciate that accusation. I am an American born citizen who has been living with the results of the bad immigration legislation over the last 20 years who will do whatever possible to prevent this bill from passing and having my children have to live with the results of poor immigration legislation that doesn't seem to effect them since they are so isolated from the citizenry.

John Q. Citizen

Our party is in need of some hard fought primaries. Those who support the kind of 'thinking' that goes into this current disaster of a bill need to be challenged and removed from the political arena. With the RINO put out to pasture a real Republican can then run. While Elephant hunting during the primaries can be considered risky, the current status quo is lethal to the party.

Even if they survive, the RINO's will at least have learned that the base in this matter at least is not to be ignored. Respect for the letter of the law, and the process is a hallmark of the conservative. Those who want to be able to rely on our vote should not get into bed with the likes of Ted Kennedy.

Nor is the base to be insulted. Calling us sexist when we found H. Meirs to be a less than stellar pick for the court was lame enough. Calling us bigots, racists, etc when opposing bad policy is what we are used to getting from the Democrat party. We don't vote for them either. You hear that Lindsey Graham?

Ignoring the fiscal and security ramifications of this immigration bill is to ignore two of the long poles in the conservative tent. Do so only if you want to show up without the conservative vote. I hear that a Republican can get voted into office using this tactic in Rhode Island, sometimes.

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Robin said:

Planned Parenthood gives advice about how to prevent pregnancy,disease and provides free or low cost pap tests. Oh that's right, you all are against all that too.

Robin said:

Sorry Jacob, that comment was meant for Jack's comment. I'm not sure how it posted here.

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