Ken Cuccinelli: One Of Our Last, Best Hopes For Saving This State

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Some clown is fulminating over at Blog Fu's place about state Senator Ken Cuccinelli, calling the senator weak on an issue that he is actually strongest on.

(The purveyor of this "black is white" argument is also bemoaning the fact Senator Cuccinelli will not return his phone calls. I can help you with that one: Senators don't waste their time on crazy people. The guy also supposedly runs an anti-Cuccinelli Web site, which I would advise also does not elevate that return call on the priority list.)

Senator Ken Cuccinelli has been one of the most important proponents of stricter immigration law enforcement at the state and local level in the entire nation. He has been involved with Help Save Herndon since soon after it was formed and has supported the group's work ever since. He was the highest-ranking local dignitary at the HSH victory celebration after they bounced the former town government out of office.

Here, Senator Cuccinelli chats with Help Save Herndon member and Herndon Compass co-founder John Neil. (The Compass, the newspaper HSH started in order to get a fair hearing after the existing local press either ignored them or wrote them off as bigots, was a key factor in turning out the town council.)

As I mentioned the other day, some state lawmakers are taking proactive steps to ramp up immigration enforcement across the country and have formed an organization called State Legislators for Legal Immigration to further that effort. Along with Senator Jay O'Brien, Ken Cuccinelli is a founding member of SLLI from the state of Virginia.

UPDATE: The individual who made the false claims about the senator has retracted his complaints and has in fact fully reproduced this refutation, even the smackdown phrases. That's an act of intellectual honesty, which should be commended. So while we are in the mode of planting kisses on each others' cheeks, I'd like to ask WHY IN THE NAME OF GOD IS HE TRYING TO BRING DOWN ONE OF THE BEST ADVOCATES WE HAVE FOR FIXING THE BIGGEST PROBLEM IN OUR STATE???

Read this press release for more about Senator Cuccinelli's involvement with SLLI and his views on the current fraud being perpetrated on America by the U.S. Senate.

The lynchpin of the clown's argument against Senator Cuccinelli seems to be the Senator was not a co-patron of early Senate bill SB 1045, introduced by Senator O'Brien, in the past session of the legislature. But a wee bit of research reveals that Senator Cuccinelli was one of the four who voted for the identical bill, HB 2926, when it came up before the Courts and Justice committee.

While SB 1045 was supposedly languishing, HB 2926 was passing in House committees with margins like 21-0. And on the very day SB 1045 was "left" by the Senate Courts and Justice committee, HB 2926 passed in the House 92-6 and headed straight to Courts and Justice.

Yeah, someone really dropped the ball there.

In fact, Ken Cuccinelli was one of only two senators who earned a perfect score from ANCIR - the primary pro-enforcement lobbying and legislative watchdog organization - in the session. See the ANCIR report here.

There is a corruption in the Virginia state and local governments, but Ken Cuccinelli is one of the few bulwarks we have against it, one of our last remaining hopes for turning it back. Criticizing him as weak on the illegal immigration issue is the height of mendaciousness and/or ignorance, and reveals the accuser as completely lacking in credibility and undeserving of one iota of attention.

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Loudoun Conservative said:

Dittos, Joe!

charles said:

Ah, Jonathan Marks. BVBL gave him free reign to trash anybody associated with Faisal Gill, and he advertises his Ken C. hit site with every post. I'm guessing after Saturday BVBL might crack down on JM.

A real mess.

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