Ken Stolle Has An Opponent

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Eileen at VB Dems is reporting that one of our favorite governing elites, Virginia Beach State Senator Ken Stolle, has an opponent in November:


Craig Hudgins, left, is a jet pilot of some sort who the usually percipient Eileen identifies as a "Biblical values" candidate. That could mean a number of things, I imagine.

This will be interesting to watch.

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Craig Hudgins is the guy who got screwed on his petitions to run as a Republican by the head of Stolle's legislative district - who is the wife of Stolle's employee - I understand.

Stolle and Hudgins both had some petition names thrown out. But, then Hudgins got nickel and dimed down to below the minimum. Hudgins had errors that were LESS than those accepted by the legislative district head for Marty Williams.

I heard only a little about that, thanks for the insight, James. I look forward to learning more about Hudgins.

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