Looking ahead at the Grand Swindle

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If cloture on S 1639 passes tomorrow morning this won't be simply a matter of electoral 'payback'. This will be war.

As Ace says, you've ------ed us over for the last time.

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Make sure you expand the list of usual suspects. For example, if John Warner betrays us again and retires - but designates his successor as Tom Davis, does Davis get a free ride to get elected and do as he pleases?

jacob said:

Warner's endoursement(sp?) should be a kiss of death if he votes FOR amnesty.

Jack said:

He may not run for re-election. He only raised $500 last quarter.

Ted said:

And then who runs to replace Davis?

Anonymous said:

Good question. But it needs to be done. The message must be loud and clear. This immigration bill is a huge violation of the public trust.

The base must let the higher ups in both party's know they shall not forget this act of betrayal. The only way to this is to mount strong oppositon first in the primaries, and then support if possibler the anti-amnesty cadidate.

jacob said:

that was me

Agreed - whomever Warner endorses needs to go down.

Also we need to do the torches and pitchforks deal.

jacob said:

do not forget the tar, the feathers, and the rail ties. I want run out of town, sticky, messy and beaten up.

Ted said:

I was asking who would run for Davis' seat if Warner retired and Davis ran for the Senate?

Is there an heir apparent or is there an opportunity for a mob and pitchfork underdog to rise from the masses and run?

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