Michael Moore Gets To Give Something Back

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As one of Jack's commenters noted the other day, it is absolutely sinful for anyone to make money on "health" related work.

It therefore warms the cockles of my heart to learn that leftist auteur-provocateur Michael Moore is finally able to put his money where his mouth is by giving away the fruit of his labors.

Some things are just too important to be sullied by the profit motive.

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Kevin said:

Sounds like a marketing boon to me. For a movie, the release of which he reportedly fears will be stopped by the govt, to be set free over the internet. . .now that's a gold mine, a la Radiohead's "Kid A", etc., etc.

Is that true? I'm not a numbers guy so it's all a mystery to me, but it seems counter-intuitive that giving away something you had intended to sell is a good thing.

If people download a long for free, do they also end up buying it later or something?

Kevin said:

Oh yeah. Plus, if the gov't is looking to keep it from being shown? It's a little late for that. Puttin' it on the internets is the best way to keep it in circulation. Let's just see how it all unfolds. . .it's hard to say why these "leaks" happen. Sometimes it really is to the disgruntlement of the producer of the product, but my suspicion is M. Moore isn't going to mind much if it wasn't part of the plan already. I don't think you'll see him aggressively pursuing suits against limewire, napster, etc., or nothin.

It's not going to make as much as Spiderman 3 or Titanic, but it likely never was.

Kevin said:

"I make these books and movies and TV shows because I want things to change and so the more people that get to see them the better. I’m happy when that happens," he says about the pirating of Farenheit 9/11.

Anonymous said:

Open Letter to Michael Moore

Subject: I know Cuba is south of here, but where do I go after I get there?

Dear Michael Moore,

Wonder if I could contact somebody in Cuba? What if I decided to be a boat refugee-person and seek asylum in Cuba from America as a victim of abuse and neglect by my country's government. Might there be a legal way? Wouldn't it be doing the rich people in this social-service-starved country a favor by just disappearing and going away?

After watching your documentary, ".Sicko", I am stunned at how thoughts and ideas are zooming around in this universe to be plucked out of the ether like a plastic duck with the lucky number on it in a carnival game. You and I are thinking similar thoughts and are aware of the same warning bells a clanging.

As you may be able to tell by dating my analogy, I am elderly. I am among the very beginning of the baby boomers and was born in 1946. In addition, I had a brain stem stroke in 2002 , have claimed bankruptcy due to high medical bills, though I had insurance at the time (the total $ deductible was out of reach), I now have no insurance whatsoever, and I hear Terri Schiavo's cries for help in my dreams.

Unlike many of my generation, my eyes are wide open and I have intuited the facts outlined in your documentary for a decade or so. I have been suspicious of the sincerity of our democracy since I was a teen.

I am an author with one novel to my credit which is in process of self publishing now. I have finally found my voice and my Truth and I am able to speak it well with help from my muse energy (not traditional or religious). If it is supposed to be, I have many more books within me waiting to be birthed. I do my job gladly, with joy, and gratitude. I am not nor will I ever be a victim of anything. This Truth serves as the reason for the question at the beginning of this letter. I consider the question at this point in my life to be a practical one. I do not believe that my fellow Americans give one whit about me or my needs for the future.

Now don't get me wrong, Michael. I am not a Pollyanna. I know that perfection does not exist on this human dominated earth. I know Cuba is not problem free. I know that after having my stroke, I get motion sick. But I know there is a chance that conditions for me will be better there. I also know I can put up with motion sickness for the 90 mile trip. I am willing and able to make the move now. I just hate to go completely blind and with no direction but south.

My dear partner and husband is an old coot computer geek. He is currently employed as a lab manager at a local computer repair shop. His interests include the GNU and Linux systems. He is also an artist-communicator who would be a grand addition to any society. Yes, he could come too.

The Social Security Administration denied my claim for disability benefits even though my neurologist said I would never be able to return to my previous career in corporate administration. Statistics reveal that SSA denies a majority of first claim s. My doctor told me that a terminally ill, bed ridden brain stroke patient of hers with a prognosis of six months till death had. been ruled ineligible for disability. She encouraged us to keep trying.

On the other hand, I know a well to do person who lives an active life of travel and adventure kayaking who does receive SSA disability benefits. She had the time and money to fight for the income however. She hired a lawyer and for more than two years they climbed a mountain of bureaucratic forms and fought through appeal proceedings.

In my case however, by the time it took my husband and I to gather all the required forms, fill out the 300 page application, wait for the request to get through the system and finally receive the denial of claim (about 2 years), financially we could not hold out. We had spent our savings, we had no trust fund and no capital to pull from...we were broke. At that time we were trying to pay the insurance deductible (approximately $20K) too.

Shaky and still motion challenged, but able to stand on my two feet most of the time, I took a $9/hr job at a local drug store as a cashier. I did it because I had to and did not have the time or energy after starting the job to appeal for assistance. I did give up. I just let the government keep my money...they were apparently more desperate than I was to get it.

I since have tried to answer office phones and do light administrative work for $10/hr, but was not able to "multi-task" well enough to satisfy my boss and could not handle the stress well enough. I started feeling the same symptoms that I had felt just after the stroke and resigned the position. I did not want to die for that company.

Now I have recovered sufficiently to stay at home and author short books and one novel. I have dressed for work each day and treated my at home position as a "real job". I rest when I need to and am able to work in bursts of energy. This schedule has worked for me energy-wise, but money-wise, I have not been paid one cent. I know if I persist, conditions will change. I'll keep on doing what I am doing.

My husband's job does not have any benefits. He needs extensive dental care and cannot afford it. We both are able to pay minimal amounts for our necessary medications (clinical depression for him and high blood pressure for me), thanks to a sweet, small town pharmacist. We get basic health care thanks to an angel of a local healer/doctor. But we need more and cannot afford it. We are eating healthy foods and although not "American dreams" we are at an acceptable weight for us and our doctor. We do not indulge in alcohol or tobacco.

Less than $30,000 annual salary for my husband is not much of a foundation on which to base our simple lives, but it is enough for us to survive on if we stay healthy. Because we have simple lives. Our basic needs are supplied. So long as we maintain our health. We live in gratitude for all we have.

This is my story.

Thank you for your attention,
Sharon Fisher Corbett

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