Mick Staton's Immigration Letter to Jim Webb

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Bottom line: Senator, please oppose the Grand Swindle!


Supervisor Mick Staton attended the Help Save Loudoun meeting Monday night, along with a number of other local dignitaries and candidates, and spent some quality time conversing with Loudoun County citizens.

We had a decent crowd, about 35 people. Attendees also included Supervisor Steve Snow, Sheriff Candidate Greg Ahlemann, Senate Candidate Patricia Phillips, and Supervisor Candidates Ken Mikeman and Jack Ryan.

Mick Staton announced the letter he has sent to our one possibly reasonably U.S. Senator, Jim Webb. This is an extremely intelligent act by Supervisor Staton, one which should be duplicated by all of our elected local officials statewide.

It is a slap to the face to every citizen of every community who has to deal with the day to day problems that illegal immigrants bring. Finally, it is a slap to the face of local officials, like myself, who are plagued by the problems created by illegal immigration, but are not even permitted to enforce existing immigration laws due to 'lack of jurisdiction.'

I urge you to vote against this fatally flawed legislation...

Bravo to Mick for initiating this. Let's hope all of our other local officials will follow suit.

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Had Enough said:

I've had no problems getting through to Webb, so I presume that not enough people are calling him about this immigration bill.

Big Al said:

Jack Ryan cannot be trusted, he signed a pledge (just like everyone else at the Loudoun County GOP covention) to support the winner and now he's broken his word.

Dean Settle said:

I see two problems sitting in the audience right there. Steve "anti-people" Snow, and Lyin' Ryan, the lying-through-his-teeth-pledge breaker.

Al and Dean, I guess we will be seeing more of Jack Ryan for the next few months. Lori needs to be getting her message out.

Dean Settle said:

Her message is out there. She'll do fine in the general election. The LCRC was the pinchpoint. I actually had all but given up until Jack's people did not come thru for him.

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