More Law Enforcement Indifference Toward Criminal Aliens

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Go read about the BIG "sanctuary" problem down in PWC over at Blog Fu (and most importantly in the comments).

More about the apparent hands-off, see-no-evil policy in Manassas here and here.

Read about some episodes in Loudoun County here and here - thankfully, these are of far less import than rape and murder. But the entire trend is a troubling one and, like Blog Fu, I know of innumerable anecdotal local incidents involving crimes by illegal aliens for which there is insufficient documentation to report.

Help Save Manassas is reportedly going to be taking the sanctuary issue up with the Board of Supervisors - every Prince William County and Manassas citizen should be involved and supporting those efforts.

UPDATE: Further evidence of special treatment of the "undocumented" revealed at Not Larry Sabato. As a side note: I recall reading a recent commentary somewhere that pointed out the "undocumented" are not undocumented nor living in the shadows. Through underground channels they can easily obtain sufficient documentation for banking, getting credit cards, buying and registering a car, renting or buying a domicile, attending public schools and getting free medical treatment at the local emergency room. The only sense in which they are "undocumented" is by the lack of presence on U.S. and local government tax rolls - which is not such a bad deal when you think about it.

UPDATE II: More here.

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zimzo said:

"not such a bad deal when you think about it."

Do you honestly believe this Joe? Do you honestly believe that the life of an illegal immigrant is so hunky dory. Do you honestly have no empathy or understanding for their lives?

Perhaps Brian can answer this question for me. Why do so many Christians seem to lack empathy for illegal immigrants and what they go through. Is this really a Christian virtue. Did Paul not say, "Who is weak, and I am not weak? Who is stumbled, and I am not incensed?" Is it so easy for conservative Christians to ignore the words of Jesus: "But whoso hath this world's good, and seeth his brother have need, and shutteth up his bowels of compassion from him, how dwelleth the love of God in him?"

This is why so many people see those on the Christian Right as hypocrites.

Then again, perhaps Joe needs to see illegal immigrants as having charmed lives in order not to feel guilty about his lack of empathy and even hatred for them.

You're right, Zimzo, if anyone is a Christian they should just cash their paycheck every Friday and give all the money to any who ask for it. Turn the other cheek obviously means there should be no law enforcement agencies. Anyone who says otherwise is a - shudder - "hypocrite."

zimzo said:

Interesting that you could not answer the question honestly. Perhaps there is a part of you that realizes that your hysteria and hatred of immigrants is in conflict with Christian notions of compassion and empathy.

Jack said:

We are required to have compassion for everyone, zimzo. That includes those who lose their jobs to illegal immigrants. That includes those who lose their businesses because they cannot compete with those who hire illegal immigrants. And that includes those who are trying to enter the country legally, but the quotas are so low because we get too many illegals.

How about some compassion for those who are trying to obey the law?

What "question" Zimzo? That I honestly have no compassion? Yeah, you got me there, bud.

Why is your compassion solely for the illegal aliens? What about the single and elderly women who can no longer feel safe in their neighborhoods, and who have done nothing wrong except not move out fast enough when their neighborhood turned over from residential to multi-family and a de facto company town for migrant laborers?

Oh yeah, I forgot: You ridicule them and taunt them about "the scary illegal immigrants."

Big Christian, compassionate hero Zimzo.

zimzo said:

Oh but I do have compassion for the people who are frightened by your false claims that their neighborhoods are being invaded by criminals, child molesters and drunk drivers. But I'm not claiming to be a Christian. So why don't you answer my question? Why don't you and others who claim to be Christians have compassion for the plight of illegal immigrants who are less fortunate than you are?

Because it's a false question. I do not claim to be Christian, and I have compassion for the people in my own community who have TOLD ME what is happening. I have not been frightening anyone because I am reporting what they tell me.

Why don't you who claim to be an American have compassion for your fellow Americans?

The answer is obvious: It's because you despise them.

zimzo said:

I despise despise Americans because I don't despise illigrants? Wow, you really have gone bug crazy. Has saltado el tiburon.

zimzo said:

Illigrants? Oh no I've coined a new word for you.

So you started drinking early tonight. Good. Glad to see some humility and welcome to the club.

I expect our discussion of the illigrants will be more profitable henceforth.

Jack said:

"I despise despise Americans because I don't despise illigrants?"

We do not know WHY you despise Americans and legal immigrants, but it is clear that you do.

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