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There are petitions out there for one and all to sign, showing our 'leaders' in the Senate that we are opposed to open borders and amnesty.

Tom Tancredo's petition is here

Grassfire's petition can be found here

The 'Americans United Against Illegal Immigration' is here

And here, at Red State (Zimzo, this sight has files on 'real' Democrat's, you might be interested)

I am asking all those who are against this bill to pass this information on. As you can imagine MSM is not reporting the existance of these petitions, so it is up to us.

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Miss Anon said:

May I recommend another site:


You do have to register (free), but then you can send free faxes to your senators and representative. You can choose from pre-worded letters or create your own.

I've used it often and always get a response from my representatives.

They even have letters that can be sent to various US leaders - such as Pres. Bush, Harry Reid, John McCain, or a Presidential candidate who has made particularly good (or bad) point about illegal immigration.

Brad T. said:

The NumbersUSA site is very good with lots of good info. I have used the automated petition program they have to send my Senators my opinion on no amnesty.

I am also looking for a site where I can get get good bumper stickers, buttons or magnets on the amnesty bill.

So far I've found www.bordersealers.com which has very good stuff.

Any other suggestions out there?

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