NR Send-Off Tour Continues

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This was such a blast we have to do it again.


Actually, it was so loud because of the karaoke show that the only conversation possible was my conscience asking me what brand of hearing aid I plan to wear in 10 years, and even THAT only received a muffled reply. This did No Relation no good whatsoever, so we are going to reprise the event next week, probably Tuesday the 12th. Let me know if you need details.

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Stay safe! Let us know where we can send you stuff.

Good idea. I've been informed tobacco in a blue tin is the preferred necessity; I'll see what else I can find out on the 12th.

No Relation said:

Oh why do bars always have karaoke when I show up? I've been cursed. At least I was able to get myself into a condition in which I did not care...

Dean Settle said:

Stay safe, and make it right, man.

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