NumbersUSA Virtual Rally

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Scenes from today's NumbersUSA "virtual rally" in Arlington. A few dozen volunteers showed up at the NumberUSA headquarters to join thousands of others who participated via telephone.


We spent a solid hour making calls and sending faxes. And blogging a wee bit.

Real time updated metrics on faxes going out throughout the U.S.

NumbersUSA's Caroline Espinosa and Rosemary Jenks participated on the call, along with their boss, Roy Beck and Congressman Tom Tancredo.

UPDATE: Yes that is Fox News' Major Garrett in the top photo. Also, Roy Beck announced that NumbersUSA's membeship has grown from something like 200,000 to 380,000 in the past few weeks since the Senate began considering the "reform" legislation.

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Had Enough said:

I watched the senate debate today (if that's what you want to call it), it was a disgusting circus.

This bill is a Lawless Amnesty that will cost US a Trillion Dollars and a bankrupt system and 40 million more illegal aliens criminals over the next decade or so.

I'm outraged at the display, negligence and deliberate undermining of the people. All they ever had to do was Enforce The Laws We Already Have.

Had Enough said:

I made phone calls all afternoon. Worthless warner must have had the phones off the hook as usual.

The other day his office said he had not decided how he would vote yet.

Ted said:

So what happens in 2008 if Warner decides not to run for re-election and T. Davis runs for his seat after voting for the bill?
(I don't know if Davis will vote for it, I'm just posing a hypothetical).
Would there be a Repub challenger to Davis for Warner's seat and which Repubs would run to replace Davis?

Anyone remotely connected with a positive vote on this bill (or the House version which I hear is being drafted) will have a huge stain on their head. Davis may well have had a chance to take a position on it.

If Davis is stupid enough to vote for any "comprehensive" reform, I'd be willing to support Ham Sandwich against him.

jacob said:

The grassroots in the Republican party needs to take the elephant by the horns and starting knocking off these clowns in the primaries. It's politics 101 people.

That is the only way to get the party to return to its base. If the base is complacent during the primary we are left with a choice between a rino and a jackass. Which is no choice at all.

We need to get organized the year before the primaries and have someone in place to challenge republicans who go off the reservation. Even if the survive, they will think twice before acting like jackasses, again.

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