Politics and Politicians Suck!

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I decided to quit sitting on the sidelines and become more involved in the world of politics. After all, just voting doesn't do enough anymore. Sooooo I became a delegate for the Republican Convention. What an interesting surprise. I thought that the Clyde Beatty circus had come back to town. One of the highlights was the forever endless tape loop of people talking about the party and how wonderful it was. Then things started going downhill. I was subjected to a whole bunch of whining (which I can get at work on a daily basis) and then some name calling. We had a couple cherleaders that tried to pump up the audience but basically just made asses of themselves. They did have more spunk than my preacher to give them due. Then we got to vote; or didn't get to vote. Better planning would have meant that ALL the delegates would have had a say. Seems that some decided to jump ship and go do something more interesting. I stuck it out so that I could complete the process. What a waste of time.

I found out that you only need to be a Republican until you don't win the nomination from your party. Then your oath goes out the door and you become an Independant. Now would that be an Independant Republican or Independant Democrat? I voted for York the first time until he failed on his word. It seems that the Republican party didn't like that either so when he didn't win the nomination, he became an Independant.....Independant Democrat that is. Now Sheriff Steve wants to go Independant also. Ryan is heading down the same path after his loss. Where is the party loyalty? Why not wait for the next Convention and try again? If Simpson realized that it is the CITIZENRY that doesn't want him anymore, I feel he would back down. What didn't he complete? I think the brick hit him between the eyes and now he gets it. Too late. Should have got it before. If Ryan had got it then it would have been Waters going to the Independant side. You know why these people didn't win their nomination? They didn't bring enough delegates to the game. Talk about stacking the deck! We all get to hear and see how ALL Stupidvisors act when it comes to the goings-on of county business. I want to know why I couldn't vote on the other district races. It affects me as a whole when it comes to county edict. This doesn't make sense. I should have the same right to pick the jurors at my trial if I got in trouble with the law. That way I could guarentee the outcome. I wish there was a Wig party. I would join if for no other reason than to keep my head from getting sunburn outside after forgetting my hat!

There was but a few candidates that had some maturity about them and had the right things to say. Some won, some didn't. I would like to see Ahlmann stick to his beliefs and bring some honor and integrity to our sheriff's department. Then again, I would like to see that in all positions of our government; county, state and U.S. government. I guess honor is only among thieves as the saying goes. I hope that those individuals that left the party to try again for county positions realize this; if your word is no good and you show that, why in the hell would we want to stick you in any position of authority? You can't be trusted. The people will decide on election day and I am going to help in that decision making process. Let's start getting serious about politics. It is not a job and definitly not a career. It is not a stepping stone to more power and prestige. It is a citizen that wants to selflessly give up his or her personal time so that everyone earns the fruit of this labor. Better accountability, safer environment, quality lifestyle and a personal well being that we live in the right place. The time is now to change what you believe we need and listen to what we deserve. That is your task. If you can't do that, back away and give someone that truly cares about all others the opportunity to have a crack at it. Don't be selfish, be SELFLESS!

Citizens of this county and this state need to stop sitting back and waiting for someone else to FIX THE MESS! It takes more then voting. You need to be aware of what is going on and who is doing OR not doing something and GET INVOLVED! Trust me, there is a place for anybody and everybody who wants to be part of the solution. Don't wait till it becomes a fad and is the NEW thing to do. Be a leader and jump in. ACT NOW!

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Provocative post, ACTivist! Welcome aboard and I look forward to more of your perspective.

Common Sense said:

Not that I'm a stickler for grammar and spelling, but if you're going to rant about something, make sure you have the spelling right == it's independEnt.

Oh jeez, which one of the interplanetary Internets are you from? Last time I checked spelling is one of the first casualties of any good rant. If we held that standard we'd lose half our participants.

If I knew how to speel I woodn't bee a math teecher.

Seriously, we only have Noah Webster to blame for "standardizing" spelling (and he never intended his dictionary to be prescriptive, but only descriptive.

"he never intended his dictionary to be prescriptive, but only descriptive"

HA! Great answer, Brian. I intend to employ that.

Point anyone that is a prescriptionist to
and tell them to get a life.

Eric the 1/2 troll said:

Where is the charge levelled at Dale Myers as well in this rant? The biggest question is who let her back in the party after she abandoned ship and why? Apparently she has signed Ryan's petition for his independent bid. Should she not be kicked out on her rear end now - the party has been twice burnt by her.

Also, I was under the impression that York broke with the party BEFORE losing the nomination not after.

Tired of Good ole boys & girls said:

There is one correction to this post. Scott York left the Republican Party prior to the nomination process and did not leave after a loss unlike Dale Myers. At least he had enough integrity to do so knowing he could not abide by the pledge. Not so for our more recent sludge dwellers Steve Simpson and Jack Ryan.

That's an important correction about Scott York. Thanks, gentlemen. It's ACTivist's first real post here so he needs to be acclimated to the level of scrutiny and fact-checking we enjoy.

Interesting that a regular, not necessarily politically plugged-in Sterling district resident would have that impression of York, though.

BlackOut said:

The enthusiasm of this post is to be admired, but the supporting facts are suspect.
Mr. York did not go against his pledge, he proclaimed his independence before the LCRC selection. One can not accuse him of going against his word. In fact, many Republicans admire him for identifying the ridiculous mess the LCRC was and is in. He is to be admired for standing on his principles and severing his association with the LCRC puritans. I consider him one of the best examples of a Republican in Loudoun.
The post also proclaims that Ms. Waters would have run as an independent if she lost. This is also incorrect. Ms. Waters said she would have run as an independent IF there was not a fair and balanced convention. The good news is a lot of peer pressure and the RPV suppressed the shenanigans. As a result the election appears to have been a fair one. I also think it helped that her opponent and favorite son of the puritans, Jack Ryan was revealed as voting in a Democratic primary. No one wanted to open up that can of worms. If most likely squelched any attempt at selective interrogations of delegates.
If will be interesting to see what the puritans do with Ms. Myers and Mr. Onheiser. Both are vocal and visible members of the LCRC. Both signed the delegate�s pledge at the convention, and both signed a petition in support of the renegade Jack Ryan�s bid to run against the Republican as an independent. In my opinion, both should be held accountable for breaking their pledge. Especially Mr. Onheiser as he is lobbying for the Republican endorsement for his run at the Broad Run District School Board seat. I can�t image a scenario where Mr. Onheiser should enjoy the benefits of an endorsement, especially after he publically went against his proclaimed party.

The idea of a convention itself is a little suspect. It makes more sense than letting Democrats vote in the Republican primary, but it still stinks. The convention is a system in which those that are connected have the advantage. Sigh. Problem is that I'm not sure I could come up with anything better.

Half the problem is we have people making the choice of who should govern. People as a whole are just not very well informed, and they tend to vote what helps themselves. Or at times things that are totally irrelevant to the position (I've heard that many of the women that voted for John F. Kennedy did so because he looked good).

The other half of the problem is that we elect people. People that are elected tend to be in the race (regardless of what they say) not because they are all that interested in serving people. They are interested in power or money (wait, there is a large positive correlation between money and power, they might be the same thing!) I have got to believe that many of the politicians we elect today do not fit the gentleman statesman envisioned by the founding fathers. People that primarily where farmers, engineers, businessmen (ok, ok, so maybe a few lawyers!) but not professional politicians!

If we could just have perfect voters voting for perfect candidates!

Dean Settle said:

Blackout touched on it in a prior post, but ten "real" activists, and a smathering of RPV representatives kept the Convention on track despite Mikey Mutter and Ryan's attempts to jockey votes. (Mutter pushing match at the Broad Run table with Mary Jane Spence)
The Convention was an UNEXPECTED tight ship, and with the exception of the need for a much better explanation of HOW the districts would vote from the PODIUM, I was pretty impressed with the low amount of attempted shenanigans. I wrote about it over at TC.
Lori Waters ONLY intention to run as an independent was if her delegates were subjected to an inquisition, or if the counting rooms had included Dale Polen Myers (because , quite frankly, no one trust her as far as they can throw her.)or worse....
You will remember that before the RPV made the second Call go out, DPM and friends were salivatating at the mere notion that they were going to take ADDITIONAL time on the morning of to pick their "acceptable" delegates in "slate" mode.... that goes..
"One for Jack,one for Lori, Two for Jack, one for Lori, Three for Jack, one for Lori...oh wait...this guy can't vote, he's got a Lori Water's bumpersticker on his car and is obviously tainted"
Once the TWO WEEK PRIOR part was installed into the Call, as well as the provision for "proportional" voting, I knew we at least were in the ballpark of honesty, whether they liked it or not. Once we had mounted opposition to their "inquisition" (using no less that verse and chapter of the Party Plan)and the RPV explained that a written pledge from a grown adult was sufficient for voting purposes, we just watched for cheap shots at the actual convention itself. People sneaking into line after 10:00, credential fraud, and the likes. I'm happy to tell you that the use of Video tape and witnesses assured us that none of that occurred.


I understand the convention was squeaky clean as a convention process, but I'm not sure a convention is the right way to go. All it does is get popularity contest nets to vote in blocks. I would think a primary system with voters registered by party is better. It would at least remove the "reason" stated for a convention as it stands now (cross-over voting by Democrats).

I tend to agree with Adams: "Our constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is whole inadequate to the government of any other." We need individuals' adherence to principles the foundation of all our endeavors. We need a religious and moral people in this country more than anything else if we are to have an adequate government. If we have people that are fearful, self-centered, greedy, immoral, overly concerned that the government should protect them from all possible hurts, we are lost.

If our candidates and our party think that we should be holding on to power for power's sake, then we are lost. While I believe our religion and morals are definitely asleep (how else could those women's groups that complain so bitterly about sexual harassment defend Clinton's sexual exploits in the White House?)

I do believe the religion and morals of this people can reawaken, but if it does not, then this country cannot long survive. It is coasting now on the moral inertia of past generations. People have a memory of morals, but they have become pragmatic when those morals conflict with what they desire.
Now what I am sure will label me as one of those screwy religious types ... the answer is not anything less than prayer.

BlackOut said:


"If we have people that are fearful, self-centered, greedy, immoral..."

I think have accurately depicted the current LCRC leadership.

Dean Settle said:

Brian, I'm more and more convinced that our thinking is almost parallel.
I've often said exactly what you just did...that morality and doing the right thing is less and less frequent with each generation. We most DEFINITELY have seen most of the LCRC "leadership" stepping over what is "right" to get to what they desire.
There are still a number of us who still mean it when we shake your hand and say "that's a deal".
We wouldn't dream of breaking the sanctitiy of what that gesture means.
Sadly, that is a rare trait in most of this generation.

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