Primary Day

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I've been away from blogging on this site for a while, and I'm not 100% sure when I'll be up to speed again. However, politics never stops moving, and tomorrow is primary day across the Commonwealth.

I have to admit that I was leaning towards Jill Vogel for a long time in the 27th state senate district, but now I'm convinced that she needs to win. We cannot hope to defeat the democrats with a candidate who is indicted. I used to have great respect for Mark Tate as a person and leader. However, his actions since his indictment have been inappropriate and counterproductive. He has destroyed his future both as a politician and citizen. I wish he had taken the high road, but revenge seems to be the only objective on his mind.

I point readers to this post on Virginia Virtucon for background information, and if you live in Frederick, Fauquier (part), Loudoun (part), Clarke, or Winchester City, please get out and vote tomorrow for the future of the party.

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trees said:

I second your endorsement of Vogel. She has the organization money and message -- we need that to hold the seat. Tate has come completely unglued. He has really lost any shred of dignity.

Dean Settle said:

I voted the correct way, today. :)

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