Republicans are angry

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No major surprise here:

It's immigration, an issue with a lot more life in it than the controversial bill recently put on the Senate's back burner, maybe permanently, maybe temporarily, in the face of mostly Republican opposition. Opponents say it offers amnesty for 12 million illegals; proponents, with justification, say it does no such thing, but who's reading the bill?

Top idea of the month: Whoever throws in against Lindsay Graham in a primary will immediately become the largest Internet fundraiser of all time

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jacob said:

Dear Ol' Lindsay is public enemy number one. Conservatives from all over the country need to see him beaten him in a primary.

I heard of someone maybe interested in running. Talk about an opportunity for immediate fame ...

jacob said:

He/She would still need to be a serious candidate. An unknown, trying to get elected on using this one issue could be be easily painted into a corner. I would prefer to se a sitting congressman, mayor, or some-such, from NC, pick up the secure border banner, and with that beat LG in the primary.

Semi-serious might do if the bill goes through, because SC could be thinking "that secession thing almost worked last time" and try it again.

I agree, some sort of experienced politico would be best because there will still need to be some fundraising ability, ability to work crowds, and ability to capitalize on Graham's major weak point.

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