The Grand Swindle: Bring on the Fraud

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No one with a smidgen of actual information about USCIS should be under the illusion the agency could even begin to administer the "enforcement" related provisions of the proposed historic fraud.

The following is by one of the foremost experts on the issue, Kris Kobach:

The amnesty starts immediately - with the issuance of probationary Z visas.

And that qualifier means little: The probationary visa is nearly as good as the non-probationary one, giving the alien immediate lawful status, protection from deportation and work authorization the alien to work. He or she can exit and re-enter the country (with advance permission).

It will extremely hard for the government to prevent criminals and terrorists from getting these probationary visas. The bill allows the federal government only one business day to do a "background check" on each applicant.

The bill's authors seem ignorant of what this means in practice. The government has no single, readily searchable database of all the world's dangerous people. Much of the relevant information exists only on paper, while foreign governments are the source for other data.

NOR does the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) have the resources to implement an amnesty on this scale. Consider a few numbers.

On top of the millions of illegals already in the country, we can expect a mass influx of millions of new illegals arriving to fraudulently apply for the amnesty. Fraud won't be hard: To show they were "actually" here before Jan. 1, the bill requires USCIS workers to accept any bank statement, pay stub, remittance receipt or similar record - all easily forgeable.

Repeat after me: There will be no enforcement.

There never could be because what is in the works is not "immigration reform" but elected officials establishing a permanent hold on power by importing a new class of voters. (Read that essay, by the way. I'm only going to remind you about five more times).

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If the Federal Government - the Executive and Legislative branches are too gutless to enforce the laws on the books, then they certainly won't enforce any new laws.

Had Enough said:

There is a loophole to void every sentence in the bill.

They have never had any intention of anything other than "Amnesty".

They constantly insult the intelligence and everything else of the people of this country.

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