The Grand Swindle: Out With The Old, In With The Corrupt

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Breaking news from the Paper of Record: The Congressional Budget Office has determined that the "F- You, America!" bill may not reduce illegal immigration by very much at all.

"We anticipate that many of those would remain in the United States illegally after their visas expire," CBO said of the guest-worker program, which would allow 200,000 new workers a year to rotate into the country.

And in a blow to President Bush's timetable, the CBO said the "triggers" -- setting up the verification system, deploying 20,000 U.S. Border Patrol agents to duty and constructing hundreds of miles of fencing and vehicle barriers -- won't be met until 2010...

"CBO estimates that those measures would reduce the net annual flow of unauthorized immigrants by one-quarter," the report said. Still, with estimates of hundreds of thousands to one million illegal aliens per year, CBO is assuming a large problem will remain.

Follow with me here, please: The amnesty would be overnight. I'm talking, this summer.

The enforcement "triggers" will not go into effect until 2010. Worse, as the past has shown us, there will in reality be no enforcement. And the CBO prediction, as in the past, will turn out to represent the low end estimate. The corruption of the incumbents is hastening the influx of illegals.

Yeah, a "large problem will remain." Such as, by 2009 the millions of imported voters will be able to change the face of America.

As Alexander Fraser Tytler said: "A democracy will continue to exist up until the time that voters discover they can vote themselves generous gifts from the public treasury."

And not only that, they will be inclined to support the usurpers, the corrupt ones who are facilitating the social re-structuring.

In other words: That pension you have been saving? Fuhgeddaboudit. It will be taxed to provide for the less fortunate who have newly gained citizenship here.

Your grandchildren? They don't get the country you would bequeath to them. They get the country a hundred million or more settlers from Latin America decide on.

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Had Enough said:

It is urgent to call and fax the senate this week and DEMAND that this bill does not pass.

There is more going on than you would ever imagine with that piece of ****.

They stuck all kinds of trash in the garbage bill that will affect us in many other ways including gun control, social security and links with the future North American Union (SPP).

Someone must have slipped drugs into the water down there or they are all insane. No American Citizen in their right mind would ever consider erasing our borders, giving foreigners social security after 18 months or leaglizing criminals and gang members and terrorists.

This is basically a Don't Ask, Don't Tell bill. They want to just sneak them in and give them everything at our expense.

The soldiers bush put at the border have been long gone (unarmed - they did nothing but retreat constantly when they saw illegals anyway)and the fence work was halted by chertoff in March after a few miles of a nothing fence.

Don't you get it! It was a carnival show to shut us up to continue with AMNESTY!!!

It is URGENT that you call

Warner 202 224-2023
Webb 202 224-4024

If you want to get a head start on congress

Wolf 202 225-5136
Davis 202 225-1492

If this passes, we are stuck with it and the millions here and the millions that will come.

Hilary now wants family allowed to come.

We are not the social service agency for the world. Take care of own 1st. Look at New Orleans, just 1 example!!

Had Enough said:

Down on the border in Arizona, they say it is a mad rush by illegals to get over the border. They think the carnival has opened.

Ranchers and their families are terrorized 24/7 along border. But you don't hear about it in DC. People are leaving their ranches abandoned because the fear for their lives. This didn't just start, it has been going on for years.

Had Enough said:

Vote before end of week called by reid.

Senator Sessions has so far outlined 20 serious loopholes:

If this passes it can not be changed. This is worse than amnesty, it is opening the medicine cabinet for a drug addict.

Had Enough said:

Amnesty - Child Molesters,
Gang Members.
Terrorism Connections Allowed,
Social Security,
Taxpayer Funded Legal Counsel and Arbitration
No Back Taxes Required,
10 Years to Learn English, Legal before Enforcement,
Legal Before Background Checks,
Good Moral Character Not Required,
Absconders Are Eligible, Learning English Not Required For A Decade,
Affidavits From Friends Accepted As Evidence,
In-State Tuition and Student Loans
Visas For Individuals That Plan To Overstay
Chain Migration Tippled Before Being Eliminated
Social Security Credits Allowed For Some Illegal Work Histories
Criminal Fines Not Proportional To Conduct

Citizens outrage left out

This is from Senator Sessions Website

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