They're Debating A Bill That Has Not Been Written

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....just an interesting factoid, for anyone who doesn't fully appreciate the fact our federal government is, primarily, slime.

One has to wonder whether it would even be legal for the Senate to pass a bill that is not yet completely written, much less understood. I believe there would be legal justification for arguing that every senator who votes for such a bill should be sent to prison.

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zimzo said:

You mean like how the Patriot Act was passed?

And isn't this the same slimy Federal government that you wanted to be given unparalleled powers to arrest and detain American citizens without the right to a trial or even to see a lawyer and to spy on Americans' communications without any oversight?

Jack said:

You're confusing the Legislative Branch, which is "writing" the bill, with the Executive, which excercises the powers you mention above.

It's a common confusion among Democrats, such as Pelosi's thinking Congress can run the war.

Had Enough said:

The senators (Sessions, et al) who did want to read the bill were just handed an additional 400 pages this afternoon.

Everyone knows that if this was a mortgage contract, will or other legal pesonal document that affected their individual lives they would be going through it with a fine tooth comb.

Since this bill does not directly affect them (the majority) they could care less if they read it or not as long as big business has their cheap labor and they continue to receive their campaigne donations and their personal stocks continue to rise.

kennedy has been singing songs in spanish (no joke). Telling the hispanics something like he will get it done.

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