Trent Lott Takes Well-Deserved Heat

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Protesters hit Lott's Jackson, MS offices:

Several dozen people attended a protest outside of Lott's Jackson office Thursday to "voice our frustration, disappointment and not understanding of why Sen. Trent Lott is pushing the Kennedy-Kyl bill," said rally organizer Rodney Hunt, president of the Mississippi Federation for Immigration Reform and Enforcement...

"If he sees legislation that harms the United States, it's his duty to kill it," Hunt said, adding Congress and recent presidents have a poor record of providing the money needed for stricter immigration requirements. "We do not have a guarantee that we'll ever have any enforcement."

Meanwhile, Lott says regarding the phone calls, take a hike, but bring it on:

"I've had my phones jammed for three weeks. Yesterday I had three people answering them continuously all day," Lott said. "To think that you're going to intimidate a senator or any senator into voting one way or the other by gorging your phones with phone calls - most of whom don't even know where Gulfport, Mississippi, is - is not an effective tactic. But it's their right to do that."

I think maybe a two-by-six, about 12 feet long, upon which the senator could ride out of town, would be a more effective tactic.

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Had Enough said:

He has made so many statements recently that prove him to be the fool he is, here are a few:

1. Trent Lott of Mississippi, who supports the bill, said: “Talk radio is running America. We have to deal with that problem.”

2. Sen. Trent Lott, Mississippi Republican, acknowledged that most Republicans oppose the bill in its current form, but said its not a huge topic in his home state.
"People in my state have a little different attitude toward immigrants because they've been saving our skin" by providing inexpensive labor for post-Hurricane Katrina reconstruction."


I wonder just what he is going to do about us or our radios?

He had no problem with the Illegals taking the jobs from his citizens. All over the gulf areas that were affected the Citizens contractors were screaming for them to get rid of the illegals.

Remember people, this is our supposed leadership

H.E., as usual you have hit it on the head.

Had Enough said:

I believe that when they flew the residents of New Orleans all over the country, it was crafted intentionally to remove the Citizens so they could open up the jobs to illegals so halliburton would once again make huge profits at the expense of those poor people.

They knew that the Citizens of this country would go out out of their way to assist the victims. It is a good thing we did because they still have not done anything to bring New Orleans or its people to recovery.

Many of them want to go home but now they are stuck, some of them a thousand miles away.

For that s.o.b lott to say the illegals saved them is a cruel and selfish, it is another eye opening example of what we are up against.

Just as jorge bush, they will never give the Citizens credit for anything, but they will jump to turn the tables and praise illegal foreigners who once again put Americans out of work.

Ted said:

Lott was on Hannity yesterday trying to explain what he meant by the "talk radio is running America" remark. He said what he meant was that the talk radio types just didn't know the details of the immigration plan blah blah blah.

He was mealy mouthed as 99.8% of our politicians are and I turned him off.

I've pretty much lost all respect for him.

ACTivist said:

His arrogance is a slap in the face to southerners and all Americans. When the party ends up despising you and your constituants end up despising you, what is your fallback? Seems to be that if you have nothing to lose it makes you more foolish as to doing "business as usual".

He probably thinks he can get away with it because either his constituents will forget about it by the time he comes up for election or no one will dare challenge him.

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