Tribute to Acidman

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In a previous life I spent much time in the company of a few early masters of the blogosphere, gentlemen who shaped the genre, who entertained and informed me and also occasionally linked to me.

One of these top dogs was Rob "Acidman" Smith, author of Gut Rumbles, who died almost exactly a year ago. Last time I checked, his blog still gets more than double our traffic here.

Gut Rumbles is notable for its honesty and articulateness. Rob, along with Eric of Straight White Guy, were the first and best blogger-poets to exemplify the potential of blogging everyday life.

In my view, this was one of the key developments of the blogging phenomenon.

Most of the people who do this do it as an outlet for political frustration: Instead of yelling at the television news anchors, we type out our rants.

But there have been those like Rob and Eric who have taken the medium in a different direction and blogged about their thoughts and lives. More personal prose, and less links to public events. It is a compelling model. These guys foresaw what is now immensely obvious: In the blogosphere there is a surplus of political speech, and a deficit of reflection on life.

For all you up and coming, unfocused bloggers out there, I strongly recommend reading the archives of both Gut Rumbles and Straight White Guy.

I think the "citizen journalist" concept for blogging has great potential for those inclined in that direction. But I think the "daily diary" model has greater potential because there are so many more of us who live and can talk about it, than those who can report the "news."

In honor of Acidman, Eric posts this memorial event featuring friends singing one of Rob's favorite John Prine songs.

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Eric said:

... thank you, sir, I am humbled...

You blazed the trail, good sir.

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