Voice mail boxes all full, democracy in the balance

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Well, it is late at night, the cows are lowing, and our U.S. senators have all presumably hit the hay. The treasonous bastards.

If you try to call the pro-amnesty hotline, chances are you will not get through. I think this means we have done our jobs tonight.

That's toobad, though, because it would be entertaining to be able to abuse your senator over why he or she is in the process of selling off the United States. But the voice mailboxes are now all full.

Here is what to keep in mind: The U.S. Senate is currently at war with the American people, and the senators believe they have the upper hand.

The Senate is poised to pass a bill which will punish Americans and people who have applied via legal means to become Americans. The Senate bill 1639 amnesty for illegal aliens will bankrupt social security, our kids and grandkids, and local governments, and will toss every applicant for U.S. citizenship who has applied for citizenship since May 1, 2005, to the back of the line behind tens of millions of lawbreakers. Every illegal alien who applies will receive legal status within 24 hours, regardless of criminal history or willingness to play by the rules.

The bill was started in a backroom and will be finished in a backroom. This legislation represents the greatest usurpation of power by elected officials in the history of our nation.

Our government intends to replace us - or dilute us - with a more compliant class of voters.

If the Senate allows this bill to go forward tomorrow morning, the upshot will not be merely the end of the Republican party and destruction of the political careers of all those who vote for cloture - it will be setting the stage for insurrection.

They can turn off their phones and fax machines, but they will not be able to squelch the will of the people.

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Joe: I wrote an op ed "Judge Greer will kill Terry Schiavo." I said the judge would order her death because he could. No one would stop him.

If the Senate passes this bill it will be because they can. Who will stop them?

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