2009 Politics and Regulatory Reform

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Did anyone else see this article in the Daily Press? It's a pretty heavy swipe at McDonnell's recently unveiled regulation initiative:

Go at it with a broad bush, as McDonnell apparently prefers, and you get slogans, bumper stickers, talk show one-liners and a wide-open back door for assorted players to slip in and unburden themselves of "unnecessary regulation."

Rust further seasons his comments with references to moving mountains, "reclaiming" government and even Paris Hilton. It reads like a sales piece, a product brochure.

And that increasingly looks like the sum of what's going on here. Rust's zingers suggest an agenda more aligned with McDonnell's prospects in the 2009 governor's race than any thoughtful attempt to examine Virginia's regulatory standards.

Not sure what to make of it, but I am curious to learn more about the substance of the AG's proposal. This fits very well into the context of Mason Conservative's post a few days back discussing the AG's advantage in using his office to posture for 2009 (and the corresponding advantage of the LG in that he has more freedom/time to develop forward looking proposals such as his 100 Ideas for Virginia initiative).

It's going to be an interesting time in 2009. In the meantime, I hope McDonnell's proposal is in fact grounded in substance and meaningful reform and not just political posturing for the primary and general election.

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Welcome back to you, Soph. It's like a reunion around here.

Singleton said:

Just to add to the old time feeling around here...

I'm with you, Soph.

The AG has always been a little too quick to pull the trigger with legislation. Just look at his one-gun-a-month debacle.

jacob said:

Welcome back.

GOP Jeff said:

Looks like McDonnell isn't really all the substance he pretends to be.

Sophrosyne said:

Thanks for the warm welcome, I hope to post some more soon.

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