A Game of Tag

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I have been tagged by Riley to "list eight habits or facts about yourself, then tag eight more people." Piece of cake.

1). From ages 8 - 11, I grew up enamored with NASCAR, sharks, boxing (Muhammad Ali), and Elke Sommer.

2). I am both compelled, and repelled, by Wild Man Fischer's "My Name Is Larry." I can listen to it over and over.

3). From age 13-17 my entire life revolved around Bruce Springsteen, and I saw him in concert 4 times before the "Born To Run" album was released, once at a movie theater in Red Bank, New Jersey. Soon after he began playing "large venues," I moved on to Frank Zappa and Tom Waits.

4). I am insomniac to a degree that most would find debilitating.

5). I believe in the bottom of my heart that "everyone else can be wrong." This is surprisingly annoying to some people.

6). If our nation was ever to suffer shortages of red wine, seltzer water or nicotine gum, it would be a cold, dark time for one particular citizen.

7). I love Bob Marley's "Buffalo Soldiers," because I was a huge Banana Splits fan.

8). Favorite movie: "The Man Who Would Be King." Followed closely by the DVD-collection seasons of "24".

I hereby tag:

Reverend "Bob" Dobbs

Ralph Reed

Lyndon Larouche

Wavy Gravy

Straight White Guy

R. Crumb

Gilbert Shelton

Ed of MonkeyWatch

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emulsionman said:

Springsteen still rocks

Eric said:

... oh my....

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