A Man For All Seasons

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My alma mater is rated the number one gay-friendly college in the nation, which I'm pretty sure was the case back when I was there.

So please, no more lecturing me on open-mindedness, 'kay? I am THE open-minded right wing nutjob-guy.

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zimzo said:

It's also ranked as the Number One most politically active school, and by the description the political activism sounds decidedly liberal, so we can see what a big influence this school had on your character.

Oh, I was "liberal" all right, as all good NOVO Collegians are, until they graduate and grow up.

stay puft said:

yeah, if you define "growing up" as selling your soul to satan!!!

Well, of course I do, but isn't that how prosperity works? On one hand, two cars and a fabulous lawn; on the other, promissory of one soul to Mssr. Satan. It was a fairly tidy arrangement and very efficiently processed.

stay puft said:

oh yes, the trains always run on time ...in HELL

TerryM said:

Poor Joe. Too bad more of it didn't rub off on you. Didn't go to many parties there did you?

Funny how you can't go two weeks without bringing up something gay related. Is it designed to increase blog hits or are you just obsessed with something you know little about?

Hate to burst your bubble, but you do not get to claim the open-minded title just by physical association with liberals and gays. Ya need to walk the talk.

And growing up didn't make you conservative, discovering and embracing the selfish agenda of the right did...

Ted said:

"...selfish agenda of the right..."?

Care to elaborate a little on exactly what you mean by that?

Kevin said:

But Joe, does it really count when you got your degree through mail correspondence?

Yeah, my gay-related stuff really does pour out like clockwork.

Parties, Terry? Oh, you have no idea, my staid friend. Things happened there in a single 12 - hour period that render your entire LIFE'S recreational activities the equivalent of nothing more than a knock-knock joke and s sip of Buckler's. In fact, you don't even get to use the word "party," ok? Because you never came within a light year of a real one.

zimzo said:

As I recall, Joe, your 180-degree transformation from being cool and open-minded to being something else entirely actually took place while you were still attending that school.

Jack said:

Hell, puffalump? I didn't think you believed in that, either.

Yes, I was something else entirely before something else entirely was cool.

zimzo said:

I hate to break it to you but something else entirely isn't as cool as you think. My point, anyway, was that you didn't become conservative after you "graduated and grew up," but it happened while you were still young and going to school there. So the effect of going to school there, apparently, was not to make you more open-minded or tolerant of gays but less so, in reaction to what was going on there. That is why they call it reactionary, after all.

Actually, I am still open minded and tolerant of all people. While you have persisted in hating America the whole time - for a generation, in fact. Shame on you and your close-minded ways, Zimzo!

zimzo said:

The old liberals hate America canard. Yawn. Can't you think of something more original than that?

I don't think "liberals" hate America at all. Most liberals I know are perfectly decent people. I am saying you hate America.

The trains run on time in Hell, yes, but let us not forget that in Hell there is also a 1 percent illiteracy rate and fine cigars are easily obtainable. No one in Hell has to forego milk for medicine. And in Hell, you never have to say you're sorry.

Terry M said:

Joe dear, you are talking to a 46 year old gay man who came out 28 years ago this week. Some how I don't think you can compare your pathetic frat parties to what I have seen, done, touched, taken, consumed, forgotten or denied in those heady days of gay youth. And we did it live and in person without cell phones and video virtual hookups. :-0

Ahhhhh, memories.

Kevin said:

Terry, do you mean "gay man who came out" to mean "more debaucherous"? Or did you mean 46 year old man to mean "more debaucherous"?

Old Gay Terry, there were no frats at New College, and remember you are not allowed to use the word "party."

The realist said:

Just because your school was rated the number one gay friendly college doesn’t mean you’re gay friendly. Look at Mitt Romney, he lived and governed over the number one gay friendly state in the nation and we know his ignorant views on gays and lesbians.

By the way Kevin, before you start name calling, you must remember this; Terry living the life he was given by God is not immoral but you trying to corrupt others to live “your lifestyle” of intolerance is.

TerryM said:

Kevin, take your pick. Regardless the sex was and still is great. Isn't that what it is always all about with you boys?

Joe, would orgie be a better term for you?? Most of our parties weren't orgies, but all the orgies were parties!!

PS: got a thing for Dobbs, huh?

Ok, you can use "orgies" and we'll call it even.

TerryM said:


Kevin said:


"By the way Kevin, before you start name calling, you must remember this; Terry living the life he was given by God is not immoral but you trying to corrupt others to live 'your lifestyle' of intolerance is."

First of all, before you start talking about my trying "to corrupt others to live my life of intolerance" you better know who you're talking to and what my views are. I asked a simple freakin' question. I hadn't even planned to "start name calling", nor did I START name calling, as you insinuate. However, now I am starting to name call with YOU, you imbecile. Get control of yourself and don't be so reactionary.

At least Terry was decent enough to not come at me and attack me for asking an honest question.


"Kevin, take your pick. Regardless the sex was and still is great. Isn't that what it is always all about with you boys?"

I'm not sure what you meant by the third sentence. Before I respond to that piece I happily await your explanation. You will endure no name calling from ME, Terry.

Linda B said:

Kevin, You must remember this: The realist's calling you a name caller is not immoral, but your trying to corrupt others with your intolerance of name calling is.

Betty Black said:

I love reading the posts on this site, the right wingers (all 4 that keep posting and run this site) can't take any criticism what so ever, but they can give it!. Let them have their silly one view site, at least they won’t have the White House for long...LOL!!!! Back of the bus baby, just where you tried to put many that don’t hold your ignorant views.LOL!!!

Kevin said:

Linda, my intolerance and immorality astounds even me sometimes!

Betty, as much as I detest your criticism and opposing point of view, I must focus in long enough to wonder why "we" still have the White House.

You promised impeachment - is this sort of "follow through" the best we can expect from your ilk? Come through, baby!

TerryM said:

Dear Kevin.

Didn't consider your question to be name calling. Frankly if that was the case I would consider it a compliment given the subject.

About the third sentence, I meant that even after all the moral posturing by your side, it does usually boil down to a healthy obsession about sex, especially that which dare not speak its name as James would say. In that way we boys are more alike than we think, yes? Though perhaps obsessed about it in very different ways. ;-)

Kevin said:

Terry, I wasn't sure what to think. You wrote "you boys" and I didn't know if that meant that you were a woman and were addressing boys in general (Terry can be a woman's name, you know); I also wasn't sure whether you meant "boys" instead of men and that you were saying you were 46 and assuming, possibly rightfully so in some cases, a dramatic age difference; heck, I just didn't know at all what you meant.

When it comes to "after all the moral posturing by your side", well, I'm not sure you quite understand what my side is. Though you put it nicer than "The Realist". The point of my question, which I still think one should be able to do without indicating a side or having to take a side (ridiculous thinking is ridiculous thinking after all) was to try to understand your logic. Or Joe's for that matter.

Copping to a stereotype, whether intentional or not, is always very interesting to me. The justification for copping to the stereotype of "sex-crazed homosexual" as a way to give the metaphorical middle finger to someone is questionable, in my mind. I don't feel it does the community at large any good and continues to fuel intolerance and hatred. You might posture, "What's the use, some are already clearly lost and are irrevocably intolerant". Well, who knows. You may also posture, "Buddy, that wasn't copping, I'm one sex crazed MF". To which I say, my friend, that you may be but it has nothing to do with your being gay and out for the past 28 years, which was your justification for your debaucherous behavior. As you've already pointed out, you really are attributing this to being male and making the comparison on both sides (at least that's what you say you meant by "you boys").

So enough with the talk about it being because you are gay, ok? You don't really believe that, why encourage others to? Don't you know that's part of their justification for intolerance?

Now, if you really do feel that it's because you're gay. . .I have thoughts on that too. . .

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