Adios, Fred

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Fred Thompson just brought Spencer Abraham, former senator and Energy Secretary, onto his campaign team.

Spencer Abraham is, to put it mildly, an open borders guy

A good friend, who has been advocating for immigration enforcement since the 1980s, writes:

For years we were at war with Spencer Abraham. Worse than Ted Kennedy. He virtually killed any chance that the Senate would deal with legal immigration in 1996. He was a steady feature in the ANCIR newsletter back in those days. FAIR and Numbers launched an ad campaign against Abraham that caught him at a bad moment in the summer before his re-election. He was forced to drain his election coffers defending himself and he never recovered. FAIR and Numbers took a lot of heat for this (in 2000 people didn't care much about immigration) but it was enough to get Debbie Stabenow elected.

If the rumor that Abraham will be the campaign manager turns out to be true, Fred Thompson will not be the next president of the United States.

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ACTivist said:

I have faith in Fred's judgement that if "the wind of discontent" reaches him before his official anouncement, Abraham will be nothing more than a rumor started by the liberals.

I suppose we'll see soon which way he is leaning on the issue because there will be a blow up over this news.

stay puft said:

"rumer started by the liberals" please, I heard it here first.

"the liberals"

booga booga booga!

Big Al said:

I'm not on the Fred bandwagon or anyone elses for that matter, but I wouldn't judge his candidacy based on who's working for him. I'd let Fred and other candidates articulate their positions and then pass judgement accordingly.

stay puft said:

on fox he said he wouldn't talk to iran because they can't be trusted. I think that's out of line. We didn't know if russia could be trusted during the cold war, but we still had the hotline. there's no way to defuse a situation when the people involved only communicate through aggressive posturing like a couple billy goats. he should keep in mind that the race is for president, not just commander-in-chief.

Big Al, if I did not have my vindictiveness, I would not have life itself, so I cannot share your laissez faire approach.

Big Al said:

FYI from today's WSJ Polticial diary:

"On the Internet sites where conservatives gather to read and chat each day, Fred D. Thompson, the as-yet-unannounced Republican presidential candidate, has been laying out his positions on dozens of issues with little public notice and plenty of rhetorical flair. The Virginia Tech massacre, he said, showed that students should be allowed to carry guns 'to protect themselves on their campuses,' and he said the university's ban on legal guns may have contributed to how long the shooter was able to keep killing. Scientists who insist that global warming is ruining nature, he said, are like those true believers four centuries ago who insisted that the Earth is flat. 'Ask Galileo,' he said. As for Congress's recent attempt at an immigration overhaul, that was nothing more than a "legislative pig" with lipstick that hid the United States' failure to secure its borders. 'A nation without secure borders will not long be a sovereign nation,' he warned" -- reporter John Solomon, writing in the Washington Post.

Doesn't sound open borders to me.

stay puft said:

oh please, the comparison of global warming to the world is flat would be apt if it were reversed: Scientists are saying that global warming is happening, just at galileo said the world is round, while the conservative elements in society drag their feet and deny the science till the bitter end.

'A nation without secure borders will not long be a sovereign nation,'

the problem with this is that the US has never had air-tight borders; not with Mexico, not with Canada. If you're going to accept that statement at face value, how do you explain the past 231 years of sovereignty that we've enjoyed?

next candidate!

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