Arizona Sets The Standard

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As I noted in the last post, Arizona Gov. Janet Napolitano just a few hours ago signed the strictest legislation in the U.S. regarding businesses that hire illegal aliens.

Georgia's and Oklahoma's are not so bad either; unlike almost everyone else at least they got something passed.

But Arizona's is the one all of our state legislators should be looking at. I'll link to the final bill once it is posted. For now -

Here is the Senate version.

here is the House version.

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Ted said:

"The American Indians found out what happens when you don't control immigration." - unknown

Jack said:

So did the Britons, the Celts, and the Saxons.

Loudoun Conservative said:

I really like this. We should do it.

It is already high on everyone's list. Now, do we have any Democrats in the Napolitano mold?

Jack said:

No, just Democrats in mold.

Had Enough said:

Don't trust the governor, she has vetoed just about every bill put in front of her that affects illegals.

She's feeling the heat, this is a pacifier.

She also has regular meetings with mexico.

The citizens have been lucky that they have voted on issues regarding illegals.

The citizens have massive campaignes to raise money to put the issues on the ballot because she was worthless.

BigAl said:

As a former California voter, but still a Californian, we passed in 1994 Prop 187. Too bad a Federal judge thought 59% of California voters were wrong and overturned it.

Proposition 187 did the following:

1) Makes illegal aliens ineligible for public social services, public health care services (unless emergency under federal law), and public school education at elementary, secondary, and post-secondary levels.
2) Requires various state and local agencies to report persons who are suspected illegal aliens to the California Attorney General and the United States Immigration and Naturalization Service. Mandates California Attorney General to transmit reports to Immigration and Naturalization Service and maintain records of such reports.
3) Makes it a felony to manufacture, distribute, sell or use false citizenship or residence documents.

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