Bush Commutes Libby Prison Sentence

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zimzo said:

Where is your outrage, I wonder, about such disrespect for the "rule of law." Or does that only apply to Latinos and not rich connected white men?

stay puft marshmallow man said:

yeah, I'm sure there's a good reason for the lack of outrage, like "Libby is an unjustly accused national hero" or "It's all Clinton's fault"

oh well, it's always nice to see Bush doing something presidential. I was just beginning to think he was done with the whole, "President of the US" thing. Anyone want to start a pool for how long until Libby lands a gig as "Fox News Commentator"?

Jack said:

A little civics lesson for you, zimzo, the Constitution IS the Law.

Now, did Bush's brother-in-law get $400,000 to lobby for Libby's pardon?

stay puft said:

ah, the ol' "it's justifiable because of something a Democrat did 10 years ago"

here's an interesting comment from the chicago tribune blog:


"This is only confusing to the corporate press because they refuse to note the obvious. If Bush had pardoned Scooter, Scooter would lose his fifth amendment protections against self-incrimination, and could then be compelled to testify. By commuting the sentence, Libby retains his fifth amendment protection, and since he is not going to jail will most probably not testify against the real criminals."

Jack said:

You're hilarious, puffalump! They already knew who "outed" Plame long before Libby was questioned. But since there was no crime, they did not prosecute.

Jack said:

And BTW, Bush's brother-in-law did NOT get $400,000 to lobby for Libby's pardon.

Tom said:

It might be of interest to read Justice Dept. guidelines number 3 and 4 regarding when commutation should be considered:


Kevin said:

It would seem that guideline 3 is being followed, unless something new happened today. I heard that the Pres is not ruling out a pardon, section 3 makes it seems as though he would have to wait about 5 years to do that (at which time he will no longer be pres). Anyways, Libby's sentence has effectively been reduced (to nothing). He's still guilty of his crime, technically.

On guideline 4 though. . .is the case in appeal or being challenged?

Also, what is this "Office of the Pardon Attorney?"


stay puft marshmallow man said:

o how I missed your antics Jack

Dean Settle said:

Anything that bunches up the Democrats drawers is definitely a good move.
Technically, Libby is still guilty, has probation, a ruined career and did not get out of the large fie. Justice was served.
About what? NOT actually spilling any beans, but lying about it when in fact he didn't even need to.

Tom said:

How many weeks will pass before Libby's runied career is ressurected as an analyst with Faux News or working for a right wing thinktank?
Second, come on, you know that large 250k dollar fine will be paid by his many admirers.
Did guilty/pardon ruin Oliver North? He's become quite rich off it.

Dean Settle said:

C'mon. He paid for it himself, as I've heard it.
And he deserved to pay the fine and now owns the albatross he hung around his own neck for lying when there was absolutely no reason.
You remember when Bill Clinton was almost found guilty of perjury (where it was actually demonstrated that he did in fact lie under oath)? I'm no more calm now than I was then. A lie by ANYBODY is still that, and an elected (or appointed) member of our Government is the most seriou of all. It erodes our confidense in them.
It disturbs me that Libby told an untruth when he did not even need to do so.... but I think prison time was too much. I agree 100% with the fact that he was held accountable for the fine, and also that he be watched for a period of time (on parole)same as anyone else who is coming back into the society from a sentence.

Dean Settle said:

As a Marine, myself... Ollie North did nothing wrong. Our cause was noble, and he did it at the bequest (and as an order of) of Poindexter...who was the one who really should have had the book thrown at him for abusing the nations trust.

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