Cutting Through The Fog: A Liberal Perspective On Illegal Immigration

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Below is a comment from reader Jenny Perry, a self-described liberal Democrat who understands that facilitating the influx of illegal aliens into this nation is a crime against American workers and all citizens.

The entire debate over illegal immigration has been conducted in a national fog. The recent dispute over an outrageously bad Senate bill which none of the senators supporting it had apparently read was a perfect example of this: It granted immediate legal status to tens of millions of illegal aliens - yet some senators on both sides of the aisle continued to speak of "triggers" which supposedly would have required stepped-up enforcement before any legalization could take place. The CSPAN video archive of Senate testimony the week of May 21 should serve as evidence to have many senators charged with incompetance, if not treason.

We are going to proceed to cut through the fog from this point forward. Allow me to slap you in the face, "liberals" and "conservatives," and point out the labels have become worn and useless. The illegal alien problem has brought this confusion to the forefront. There is nothing "conservative" or "liberal" about supporting corporate profiteers and corrupt public officials who are benefiting from an influx of illegal workers and subsidizing oligarchs in Mexico and Latin America.

Take a moment to read this letter, and then take a moment to think about the fact that our ideological categories are in need of an overhaul.

I am a liberal democrat, my entire family are liberal democrats. We live in the state of RI, a very liberal dem state, however, the majority of my fellow liberal dems are against amnesty (omg, yes I said amnesty and I say illegal alien too).

We recognize that it is an attempt to pit one group of poor people against another, by the US Chamber of Commerce.. to use them as the final nail in the coffin of the American wage standard and workplace protections. We recognize that our schools, our hospitals, are overburdened. Social welfare programs and Social Security and Medicare are being drained dry by the illegal alien hordes that have come here.

We recognize that our job base is declining ever more rapidly every year, and that we have a serious, long term, un and under employment problem in the US. We do not have anything even approaching "full employment", in fact, the 4.75% unemployment numbers are a lie. We know that once someone falls off the unemployment rolls after 26 weeks, they slip between the cracks. Too many others are fighting desperately to keep their heads afloat, working three or more part time minimum wage jobs. They have less time to raise their children as well, which doesn't help deal with the problems that brings about.

What I see are democratic senators and representatives who have bought into this globalization scheme, and are turning a blind eye towards it's attempt to base it on third world standards.

They have violated their oaths to uphold the Consitution. What's more, I believe the situation requires ethics investigations to look into connections between contributions they have received from the industries that seek to benefit from amnesty.

Senators like Ted Kennedy, Harry Reid and others who smeared US citizens as being racist or xenophobes, merely because they were being activist on behalf of their rights as citizens to protect their rights as citizens and workers be protected, violated the 9th article to the Bill of Rights, which states that no matter what powers granted congress by the Constitution, the members do not have the right to use those powers to silence and oppress the Amercan people. That needs to be taken on.

Just because the bad legislation was killed in the senate, doesn't mean we can sit back, we have to become activist to start going on the offensive here. We have to fight to demand secure borders, and that includes the fence. More border patrol, and we demand that Agents Compean and Ramos be removed from jail and returned to their families.

We demand that NAFTA be ended, as well as other lousy trade deals. We demand an end to subsidizing outsourcing. We demand tariffs against products made overseas by American companies.

We demand an end to anchor babies as well. We also demand that fines be levied against Mexico and other countries in South America who do not provide for their own people, and attempt to make the US taxpayer have to pay their way.

Sorry, but I have been fed up with this farce for more than a year.. and again, I am not the only liberal dem who feels this way.

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stay puft marshmallow man said:

If this guy's a liberal democrat than I'm a 90 foot tall walking marshmallow. I say you can have him.

He's talking about several different issues as though they were the same thing; amnesty, border control, and free trade.
He thinks he can have his cake and eat it, too: too many Mexicans in the US & too many jobs outsourced to Mexico? Every job that goes to Mexico is one less Mexican worker who is compelled to sneak across the border.

what does this mean?:

representitives "...who have bought into this globalization scheme, and are turning a blind eye towards it's attempt to base it on third world standards."

I know it's less sexy than, "Alien Invasion," but there's an economic solution that's more cost-effective and sustainable (not to mention neighborly), but no one is trying to find it. Last time Bush met the Mexican pres. he said, "We don't approve of all this illegal immigration" and Fox said, "We know" and that was that.

So this guy says we should keep jobs out of Mexico, keep Mexicans out of the US, not give citizenship to people born on US soil (sometimes literally) ...If there is still not a workable solution to this situation on the horizon, it's because we're handling it in much the same way pre-schoolers would handle a scarcity of legos: grabbing, pushing, whining, yelling "mine mine mine!"

what a world

Could you remind again what that "economic solution" is for those of us with bad memories?

stay puft marshmallow man said:

Oh, that's right. One of our moments of complete harmonious agreement. Thanks.

stay puft said:


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