Democrats' 10th District Contest Develops

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As you may have heard, Judy Feder, who failed in her bid to unseat Congressman Frank Wolf last year, and who is generally recognized as "nice, in a weird sort of way," has been on a fundraising tear lately, reportedly raising over $110,000 in a month.

So Frank Wolf has his work cut out for him, right?

Actually, no, not quite yet.

Because, as a shadowy yet frequently reliable informant just told me, Judy has got HER work cut out for her, first.

At the recent Loudoun County Democratic Committee meeting, Judy apparently "got into it" with a gentleman named David Borne (that spelling might be off) from Leesburg, who announced that he, also, is planning to challenge for the 10th District seat. He appears to be well-funded and turns out to have the apparent support of LCDC Chair Thom Beres.

Mr. Borne is said to have testified after September 11 in support of the Air Line Pilots Association request that pilots be allowed to carry firearms in the cockpit.

On a related note, Vern McKinley, Frank Wolf's Republican primary challenger, is also rumored to be well-known in 2nd Amendment circles, which means both Feder and Wolf will have primary challenges from the right and the gun issue could be part of the arsenal against each.

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BigAl said:

Wolf is doing a solid job and deserves re-election. McKinley is apperantly a Loudoun county resident but I can say I ever seen him at any LCRC meetings or any GOP functions. Whatever his beef with Wolf is, he'd be better of waitng for Wolf to retire than challenge him in a primary.

With a Presidential and Senate race next fall, the Congressional race will be more competitive than last year.

All these guys should prepare to be challenged. We are in a time of political upheaval. The parties are going to go through a transformation because the old "Republican = conservative, Democrat = liberal" categories just don't fit or accurately describe the situation anymore.

Big Al said:

I see your point, but would argue they are probably 85% in line with each other. For better or worse, there are only two viable alternatives, Rep or Dem. So I would argue that in order to make change, it must come from within, not without. Listening to some pundits say the death of the GOP is near is plain hogwash. This nation is still a center-right nation, but we need to be better advocates and implementers of center-right policies.

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