Hanging out with a bunch of bloggers

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I'm at the Blogs United conference in Newport News for the weekend.

Initial impressions:

- Don't move to Newport News unless you really enjoy sitting in your car.

- Most bloggers are young enough to be my offspring, technically.

- Of the ones who are not, most hold their liquor extremely well.

- Jim, Kat and Jay deserve our everlasting gratitude for all the work that went into this.

I may not have the opportunity to actually "blog" this event, on account of basic laziness, but those delightful young men of Daily Whackjob are dutifully on the task so I encourage you to visit over there.

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This is the first I heard of this conference. Sounds like fun. Was it just for Virginia bloggers?

No, there have been a bunch of political types and non-bloggers as well. I doubt they'd turn away anyone who poneyed up the reg fee. I'm not sure exactly how it was publicized ... I think they're going to do it again every year.

Eric said:

... goodness... missed another blogmeet!...

Kat said:

Joe, it was lovely (dang, I'm running out of non-trite adjectives!) meeting you and your Lady Wife! Please don't forget that you need to call me if you're ever in the Danville/Lynchburg area.

As for all MY hard work...! Bah! It was all Jim and Jay - I just sat back and cheered them on at best ;-)

Best blessings, and hope your Sunday has been restful.

-- Kat

NotNotJayHughes said:


It was totally fantastic meeting you in person.

If memory serves I owe you a copy of a certain post I made on NLS. Stand by to check your personal email.

In the meantime, you're a great guy and I thoroughly enjoyed meeting you.

Eric, Hope to share a single-malt with you at some future event.

Kat, it was a privilege! It must've been like herding cats to put it together. Wonderful job.

Jay, What a killer evening. Going from Ladysmith to NOVA qualifies as one of the legendary commutes in my book. I hope to see the menagerie sometime.

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