Help Save Manassas on MSNBC Tomorrow

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Blog Fu will be on national TV tomorrow to talk about the positive board action in Prince William.

Also, be sure to read Greg's statement from the hearing.

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charles said:

It's so funny that Greg is going on national TV and yet he has blocked me from reading his web site.

I wish the HSM was represented by someone who was a little more respectable, because at some point Greg's going to learn what it means for the media to dig up the skeletons in the closets.

If he thinks that a silly local lawsuit is impacting his life, wait until the national liberal media decides they need a poster boy to take down the anti-illegal-immigrant crowd.

Charles, isn't it a stretch to extrapolate from our various local bloggers' feuds to "skeletons in the closets"? As you know I am not a fan of "banning," but I'd hardly see it as potential national news.

Had Enough said:

It would be refreshing not to see Manassas looking like mexico city.

The signs are in spanish, mexican flags everywhere, trash everywhere, people driving cars with expired out of state tags, all the women have 1 or 2 babies in a stroller, another walking next to them and another in their belly, and it goes on and on.

I personally go out of my way to avoid Manassas since several incidents I had there.

zimzo said:

I think Had Enough should be the poster boy for the anti-illegal-immigrant crowd.

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