How Local Enforcement of Immigration Laws Works

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This is the video the pro-illegal alien advocates don't want you to see.

Because of the state's tough immigration enforcement law that just went into effect July 1, illegal aliens in Georgia are leaving in droves - some returning to Mexico, some going to other states.

If we in Virginia can take action at the local and state level to convince the illegals that this may not be the ideal place to come to, more will return to Mexico or other home countries, and thus will begin the process of advocating for reforms there. Which is what should have been happening in the first place and which the corrupt people running those countries are extremely grateful not to have had to deal with.

The following should be required viewing for every current or prospective office holder at every level of government.

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Jack said:

"Immigration will also be called if any undocumented immigrant is arrested for a felony or DUI."

ICE should be called if an "undocumented immigrant" is arrested, even if only for expectorating on the grass.

anon said:

It's too bad Georgia law is only going to apply to businesses with 500 or more employees. It should apply to EVERY business. There and here.

Anon, yes, this is partially due to the legislative lead time. The legislation was passed almost two years ago so it was probably first drafted in 2004. Maybe at the time they felt it was all they could shoot for. I am guessing there will be movement now to fine tune that particular provision.

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