La Ciudad de New Haven, Connecticut

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...extiende su bienvenida a trabajadores undocumentados.

New Haven, Connecticut has set up an extremely generous new program for illegal aliens, providing many of the benefits of citizenship. To assist in this effort, ALIPAC is conducting a major national campaign to encourage all illegal aliens from everywhere in the U.S. to move to New Haven, Connecticut.

It is supposed to be a fine city, so I say we all get on board and dedicate a little time to furthering this effort.

Print off several copies of this flyer, then run, do not walk, to your local grocery store bulletin board, etc.

Great background info here.

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Kevin said:

There's something awfully misleading about that flyer. . .I just can't figure out what. . .

Loudoun Conservative said:

I love it Joe. Wonder if they'll like what they get?

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