Local Action, Outside Interference

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[This is a guest editorial from American Daughter]

Local Action, Outside Interference

by Nancy Matthis at ADMC

Prince William County in Virginia is one of the more distant suburbs of the metropolitan Washington, DC area. It used to be an idyllic setting, and residents who worked downtown were willing to endure the longer commute in return for the privilege of raising their families in delightful and safe surroundings.

But recently, the county has been overrun with an illegal immigrant population estimated at about 40,000 out of a total population of about 350,000. Put differently, over 11% of the county's residents do not belong. The hard-working, tax-paying young families who do have the right to live there are supporting illegal aliens at a ratio of roughly 31 to 4.

The quality of life is deteriorating around the legitimate homeowners who have invested their future in the county. Multiple families violate the zoning ordinances to jam into "boarding houses" in single-family residential areas. Schools, hospitals and social services are burdened with non-English-speaking aliens. Public spaces are plagued with crime, including murder. There is a growing MS-13 gang problem.

Recently, the citizens of Prince William County took action to reclaim their American way of life. In a public effort that enjoyed overwhelming local support, the County Board of Supervisors voted unanimously to crack down on illegal immigration.

A powerful national organization is attempting to intimidate the citizens from exercising local sovereignty. The Puerto Rican Legal Defense and Education Fund, based in New York City, promised a lawsuit. Their threat, made before the Board of Supervisors voted, was reported on Lou Dobbs Tonight:

FOSTER MAEL, SENIOR ATTORNEY, PUERTO RICAN LEGAL DEFENSE & EDUCATION FUND: We think that the County should be on notice that what they are doing will have serious legal consequences for the County so they can't say, oh, we're surprised. Because, yes, we do think it violates federal law. And so we think they should be aware of that before they make the final decisions as to how they’re going to proceed here....

BILL TUCKER, CNN CORRESPONDENT: The involvement of PRLDF ... is not surprising. They’ve acted to prevent several local communities from enacting similar ordinances, mostly notably Hazleton, Pennsylvania. Their involvement is usually seen as legally and financially intimidating ...

So the County, in this case Prince William, is left with a choice - spend millions on social services or spend the money on lawyers defending its ordinances.

The American Civil Liberties Union is waiting and watching, according to this report in the Christian Science Monitor:

More communities use local police to enforce US immigration law Prince William County in Virginia is one of a growing number of counties and cities making their own immigration reforms. By Zoe Tillman

.... when political leaders in Prince William County saw national reform legislation falter last month in the Senate, they approved their own immigration-reform resolution that, among other things, would give local police a shot at enforcement.

To that end, the Board of Supervisors voted unanimously on July 10 to allow county police officers the authority to check the citizenship status of anyone they've stopped or arrested whom they have "probable cause" to believe is in the US illegally. The county board has yet to define "probable cause," but board chairman Corey Stewart says it may be based on whether a person has a driver's license.

The county "has reached a boiling point," says Mr. Stewart. An influx of illegal immigrants over the past four years has led to overcrowded houses and schools, overstretched public services, and a rising problem with gangs, he says....

So far, the ACLU of Virginia has no plans to challenge Prince William County's resolution. That could change, says executive director Kent Willis, after its details become clear.

It's like Texas picante sauce made in New York City.


Virginia Briefing, Washington Post

Pr. WILLIAM SLAYING Police Charge 3 With Murder in Beating

Three men have been charged with murder in the beating death of a 21-year-old Manassas man who was last seen alive running from a mob of men, Prince William County police said yesterday....

Arrested were Marvin A. Rodriguez-Barrera, 19, of the 3500 block of Coxcomb Mews in Dale City; Salvador M. Elias-Miranda, 25, of the same address; and Elias I. Quinteros-Soriano, 29, of the 7800 block of Meadow Ct. in Manassas. They are being held without bond.

Washington Post

Pr. William Passes Resolution Targeting Illegal Immigration Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Prince William County supervisors voted unanimously last night to approve a resolution that targets illegal immigrants by attempting to curb their access to public services and increasing immigration enforcement by local police....

The largest board meeting crowd in 20 years showed up for the vote at the county government complex, turning Prince William into a microcosm of a debate playing out in communities across the country in the wake of Congress's failure to reform immigration laws....

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Had Enough said:

The ACLU does nothing for the citizens of this country but challenge them and THEIR rights.

The ACLU does nothing but waste time and money defending foreigners who should not even be here to begin with and assisting the illegals with lawsuits against us.

They attempt to undermine everything that this country has ever stood for.

They promote lawlessness and illegal activity.

They are determined and must be on a hidden mission to destroy the Citizens of this country.

BetterKateThanEver said:

The ACLU's communist roots have spread, while school children grew up ignorant of how this country is supposed to operate, the threats to her soverignty, and indoctrinated to be anarchists.

We need to stop giving the ACLU our tax dollars.

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