Loudoun Board Passes Immigration Enforcement Resolution Unanimously

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The Loudoun County Board of Supervisors voted 9-0 in favor of a resolution which states the Board's opposition to illegal immigration into the county, and directs county staff to investigate the extent to which illegal aliens use county services, and how much this costs the taxpayers.

The resolution goes one step further than that passed in Manassas last week. Supervisor Jim Burton had initially offered a substitute motion to delay consideration of the resolution so it could be examined further, including into how a provision might be added to find ways to punish employers who hire illegal workers. The substitute was defeated, but Supervisors Scott York and Lori Waters drafted an amendment to the resolution instructing the staff and attorney to also investigate means to crack down on employers who game the system.

The resolution also included a provision that "strongly encouraged" the Sheriff's Office to enter into a 287(g) Immigration and Customs Enforcement training agreement with the Department of Homeland Security - however, it was revealed almost as an aside that the Sheriff's Office had already sent the request to ICE in the past several days.

The supervisors were, to a person, statesmanlike in their reasoning for supporting the resolution. (We hope to have transcripts of some of the remarks along with the text of the resolution here later tonight).

The investigations by county staff will involve all of the areas where services are provided to illegal aliens - and I believe the reports regarding the amounts spent on ESOL instruction alone will be of great interest to the citizens of the county.

Because of the valuable information which will now be brought to daylight and especially the clear support for proactive immigration enforcement across the ideological divides usually attributed to this Board, this vote represents a watershed moment in Loudoun County history.

Congratulations to all of the Supervisors - they each deserve thanks and praise from every citizen of the county.

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Kevin said:

"The investigations by county staff will involve all of the areas where services are provided to illegal aliens - and I believe the reports regarding the amounts spent on ESOL instruction alone will be of great interest to the citizens of the county."

I'm not even a resident and I'm chompin' at the bit. Will the "investigations" be contracted out to any specific organizations or companies? I'm interested in that info also. Sounds like fascinating work.

BetterKateThanEver said:

Great news! Be ready for the media to downplay the importance of this and to highlight the plight of the poor illegals. Keep focused, Loudon, and let's all work to keep pressure on the powers that be about this issue. Forward!

ACTivist said:

Eugene got media coverage on WTOP radio (bias as it is) so this was a good step. I'll send my thanks to the BOS as I think others should do as well. Maybe some accolades on reaching consensus will motivate them to do more of the same. Bravo.

Kevin, the investigations will be conducted by county staff - if there are subs involved I'd be interested in knowing who also. Yes, it will be fascinating work.

zimzo said:

I didn't expect a kind of Spanish Inquisition.

NOBODY expects the Spanish Inquisition! Our chief weapon is surprise...surprise and fear...fear and surprise.... Our two weapons are fear and surprise...and ruthless efficiency.... Our three weapons are fear, surprise, and ruthless efficiency...and an almost fanatical devotion to the Pope.... Our four...no... Amongst our weapons.... Amongst our weaponry...are such elements as fear, surprise.... I'll come in again....

It's pretty early to be that drunk, Zimzo.

Ted said:

Who was that masked man?

jacob said:

Don't complain, this is far less obnoxious than the usual. I am waiting now for the attack of the killer rabbit.

That was actually funny.

Big Al said:

Great to see you in the WashPost Joe. Is CNN next?

I just taped a Glenn Beck Show segment, I believe for tonight, and I can safely say my career won't be veering toward broadcast television anytime soon.

But for all you Budzinski-phobes, you should enjoy it as a rich experience of shadenfreude.

I think I might have expressed .25% of a complete thought, because it was over in like three minutes. Oh well. At very least, I probably did wonders to promote the frankly dull public face of the anti-illegal immigration movement. Keeps the KKK'ers away.

I do get to walk around town with free makeup on for the rest of the day, however, which is *sweet*.

G.Stone said:

Great work Joe !
The Loudoun BOS has the message loud and clear.
Lets all do what we can to insure that logic, reason and common sense prevails against the soon to come onslaught of nit wittery.

Tom said:

It was nice to see you quoted in the paper today. I felt vicariously famous since you and my friend went to a concert together.
But, don't you think Eugene went too far in blaming illegals for all the school overcrowding in Loudoun? Shouldn't he have been a little more specific to Sterling?
I taught for three years in an elementary school in the Dulles South area, and I can tell you it, and its neighboring schools are overcrowded by several hundred students each. But these schools are as far as I know illegal immigrant free. I don't think there are even many hispanic names at all on the attendance rolls down there. These schools were heavily white and upper class. I guess you could blame the illegals for this since it was their cheap labor that built all these monstrously huge neighborhoods like South Riding. But really isn't it a decade of growth for growth's sake that created a construction boom here that brought all the illegals in the first place? Maybe if you all elect a bunch of slow growth/smart growth liberals then the immigrants will all move to Jefferson County to find work.

Tom, yes if that is the case he should have been more specific to Sterling. I did not read all the stuff.

I wonder if he might have been conflating issues, because "overcrowding" is a huge problem as a result of illegal - but in regard to houses.

The issue with schools, I am pretty sure, has much more to do with the ESOL programs; the expense and dumbing down of other classes.

You are permitted to bask vicariously in the fame, however. You can retell these episodes while drinking with your friends.

jacob said:

You go boy. I think you did very well on the Glen Beck show. Your answer w.r.t. compassion was excellent. Way to go.

Jack said:

Did anyone record it?

ACTivist said:

Jack, the Budman did record it so you will have to get it from him (just wait and he will air it here). Good segment. The guy in Conn. shows what compassion can do to drive a mindset.

Tom, it was the building industry that did cause the influx of workers to our area. It started for us in the mid 80's and it was a Texas builder, working new in the area, that put advertisements in Texas newspapers for concrete workers and common laborers. This was great insight for them because the oil-field work had started its decline. They didn't check greencards at that time and word spread. The more laborers, the more building that could be accomplished. And here we are.

Ted said:

And now in Manassas the number who are loitering at the lamp post where they used to get hired in the morning is slowly growing by the week.

Big Al said:

Joe - I seriously had no clue you were going on CNN so my question was prophetic. Don't be so hard on yourself, it's not like any of us are prepared to be on National TV.

ACTivist said:

"...the number who are loitering by the lamp post..".

They are loitering. That and being a public nuisance will get them dispersed. If it happens often enough they will finally loiter at home or move on. What's the big deal?

Jack said:

I think the downturn in construction is causing this, rather than greater enforcement on the employers.

There has not been any greater enforcement on employers at all. The resolution is to instruct County staff to look at what can be done and report back in September.

Kevin said:

Joe, you were on CNN?! Does that mean next Spring's fishing trip is out? I always knew you were a big fish in a small pond. I guess my 15 minutes are over. . .

NBC 4 (local) just gave me the last word and a very balanced report. Cool. They were sort of harsh in the Tuesday report on the actual vote, but that was by different reporters.

Just goes to show we cannot paint the "MSM" with one broad brush.

Kevin said:

Joe, I kid you not. I'm sittin' at Dizzy Issie's tonight with Jefe and my parents who were in town for my birthday celebration and I'm sipping my beer and waiting for my brandy peppered bacon cheeseburger to show and getting my mom riled up about "illegals" when your mug comes on the CNN show that was on, high up on the TV in the corner of the bar, watching over us like the good saint. I pointed at your face on the television screen and said, "There's Joe Budzinski, people, right there on television. Now how about that!" Jefe broke into spontaneous laughter and followed it up with "He is really an unbelievably nice guy." My dad said, "He didn't have that beard before, did he?" To which I said, "Oh yes," and then we all sat there and stared at the tv for a minute and then I pointed at the television again and said, "Huh. Joe Budzinski."

Happy birthday, Kev! Man, I wish I was sitting there with you guys. With a brandy peppered bacon cheeseburger on the way.

I hope to see you and el Jefe again soon.

Kevin said:

Thanks, Joe! You would have enjoyed the burger. Let's talk about sometime in the next two weeks or thereabouts. . .

Tom said:

I thought your birthday was next week?

Kevin said:

The parents came up this last weekend because this last weekend was Artscape, which is somehow becoming tradition, though this year the bands were, not so much.

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