Loudoun County Resolution On Fairness To Legal Residents Will Be Introduced Tomorrow

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The Loudoun County Board of Supervisors will likely see a resolution similar to that passed in Prince William County last week interjected into tomorrow's Board meeting agenda.

The gist of the resolution will be to emphasize that taxpayer-funded government benefits not mandated otherwise by federal law should be restricted to legal residents of the county.

Vice Chair and Potomac District Supervisor Bruce Tulloch said the resolution will affirm that the beneficiaries of local government benefits should be the citizens who paid for the benefits.

It is not exactly a controversial stand for the Board to take, because the citizens of Loudoun should support the proposal by a wide margin, and I expect the resolution to pass by a wide margin. Thanks to Supervisors Tulloch, Delgaudio and Staton for introducing this proposal.

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Eric the 1/2 troll said:

I wonder how many of Eugene's developer friends hire illegal aliens? When can we expect a resolution actually addressing the root cause of the problem?

Jack said:

That is a good point, Troll. Is it possible to have a county law that is, in essence, identical to a federal law? The county cannot prosecute federal crimes, but can it enact and enforce a law that mimics the federal law?

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