Loudoun Supervisors Vote to Consider Immigration Enforcement Resolution

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The Loudoun County Board of Supervisors voted to interject into today's agenda consideration of the "Resolution Reaffirming County Policy With Respect To Compliance With Federal Law And Issue Directives Incident To Such Reaffirmation To Loudoun County Staff."


Sterling Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio, one of the resolution's six sponsors, held a press conference this morning prior to the session in which he stated "we need help" and rattled off a list of ways illegal aliens are unjustifiably being subsidized by Loudoun County taxpayers.

(He did not expand the explanation to include the corporations, and foreign government officials and oligarchs also being subsidized by county taxpayers, but that is a discussion for another day).

The Board voted unanimously this morning to send a letter to the town of Herndon and Fairfax County expressing (to paraphrase) this Board's opposition to the continued operation of the Herndon Day Labor Center as a service for illegal aliens. Text of the letter should be available tomorrow.

Sheriff Candidate Greg Ahlemann, Leesburg Council Member Ken Reid, and I spoke in favor of the Resolution.

Because the letter to Herndon passed unanimously and the Resolution already has six sponsors, I'm cautiously optimistic the latter will pass by a large margin if not unanimously.

The sponsors of the Resolution which will be considered in the next hour are: Mick Staton, Eugene Delgaudio, Bruce Tulloch, Steve Snow, Jim Clem and Lori Waters.

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Greg said:

It is good to see events moving both swiftly and in the proper direction. It is in all or our best intrests to make this the defining issue throughout this political season.
Good Job to both Joe and Greg.
Greg raised some very good points in his 2 minutes regarding the Sheriffs dept, as well as other county agencies use of contractors that hire illagal aliens.

A big day, indeed!

ACTivist said:

Joe, I'm glad to see that the board is finally stepping up to the plate and I believe my faith in the new-sheriff-to-be is well placed. Thank you both for being there.

I do have a question. Didn't the issue of the Herndon Day Labor center come and go with nothing more from this board other than it is (partially?) situated in Loudoun county? I would have figured that they would have done something stronger at the time.

Also, I e-mailed the BOS about my feelings for a resolution just like the one Manassas past. What irks me is that I have received 3 responses; from DelGaudio, Stanton and Burton. I guess I should have requested responses from all. The point of which I am trying to make is that it seems the supervisors tend to not listen and that only a few seem to do some thinking on their own without prodding. Why can't this county govt. have foresight on issues concerning its citizenry and the county's future. I hate it when we are always the follower. Sounds like a bunch of sheep to me. Still, this resolution is a good step forward and whatever it took to propose it I hope that the follow-thru is there.


I would not go too hard on this Board regarding the Day Labor Center. Delgaudio and Snow did a good job opposing it at the time. In the end we in Loudoun don't have much leverage.

I think the fact we got a 100% positive result from our Board is evidence enough they took the letters from citizens seriously.

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